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requisition something for someone or something

to present an order or formal request for something for someone or some purpose. I will have to requisition a desk for you. You can't work an eight-hour day at a table. We will requisition catering for the office party.
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requisition something from someone or something

to send an order or formal request to someone or something for something. The general requisitioned food and bedding from the supply depot. We requisitioned a new bookcase from central supply.
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moonlight requisition

n. a nighttime theft. (see also liberate.) It took a moonlight requisition to get the medicine we needed.
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convening the Requisitioned Meeting, which is to be held at the offices
same date as the Requisitioned Meeting at the offices of Travers Smith
The Requisitioned Resolutions, which are set out in full in the
On March 23, RealFund unitholders owning 23 percent of the units outstanding (in accordance with their rights under Realfund's Declaration of Trust) requisitioned RealFund to call a unitholder meeting as soon as possible specifically to allow a vote on RioCan's proposal.
At that time, and despite the fact that RealFund had already called an annual and special meeting of its unitholders for June 2, 1999, RealFund's trustees announced their intention to delay both the scheduled meeting and the requisitioned meeting until June 29, 1999.
The remaining resolutions were all requisitioned by Mr.
Sinclair was removed as Chairman of Sutton Resources on December 15, 1995 after his wife requisitioned an extraordinary shareholder meeting to remove all Sutton's directors, except her husband.
Acting through his lawyers, Jim Sinclair, sent in a letter to the Vancouver Stock Exchange on December 21, 1995 stating, "it would not be in the best interests of all shareholders of Sutton for the board of directors to undertake, or for the VSE to sanction, any proposed transaction that could materially affect the business or share capital of Sutton, pending the holding of the requisitioned meeting.