requisition from

requisition from (someone or something)

1. noun A formal order, request, or demand from someone or some group. I'm forwarding on a requisition from our legal team. The details of everything we need will be contained therein. I received a requisition from one of the regional managers for an increase in staff.
2. verb To make a formal order, request, or demand for something to be provided by someone or some group. A noun or pronoun is used between "requisition" and "from." I'll try to requisition some additional resources for you. We'll need to requisition more staff for the even next week.
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requisition something from someone or something

to send an order or formal request to someone or something for something. The general requisitioned food and bedding from the supply depot. We requisitioned a new bookcase from central supply.
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'The Companies Act and the WRU articles of association require a requisition from at least 10 member clubs for an EGM to be called.
"We recently processed a requisition from our engineering department that went from requisition to Risk Management to Fund Accounting to Purchasing all in a half hour," notes Gibney.