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In addition, the proposed regulations adopt a direct benefit test that will require taxpayers to determine at the inception of any service-offering component the precise identity of the affiliates that will consume that component.
Congress now requires Medicaid recipients to show citizenship.
As an example, New York State requires auditors to finalize a copy of their documentation within 45 days of delivering the report to the client rather than within 60 days, as permitted in SAS no.
Capital equipment savings--the technology requires minimal additional tooling on existing equipment.
The rules in their simplest forms require businesses that sell certain insurance products to establish compliance programs to protect themselves from having their products or services used for money laundering or terrorist financing.
Traditional veneers are fused or bonded to teeth and, generally, require the tooth be ground down for a good fit.
The SIOM form factor requires a 3U height for vertically mounted modules.
The study of textile science requires an understanding of many technical terms and definitions.
While not required, if a risk-based decision is made to require EVM on cost or incentive contracts valued at less than $20 million, the above paragraph shall also be included in the statement of work.
A net-centric enterprise approach requires the stakeholders to focus on the whole enterprise as an integrated architecture to include work processes, data flows, network communications, Web services, and so forth.
In an effort to provide the public with better and more complete information, the standard requires that companies provide more details about their plan assets, benefit obligations, cash flows, benefit costs and other relevant information.
Uploading feeder data information is awkward and requires monthly technical support by the users.
Stated simply, the Basel Capital Accord requires that a bank have available as "regulatory capital" (through combinations of equity, loan-loss reserves, subordinated debt, and other accepted instruments) at least 8 percent of the value of its risk-weighted assets (loans and securities, for example) and asset-equivalent off-balance-sheet exposures (such as loan commitments, standby letters of credit, and obligations on derivatives contracts).
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that all covered entities (most nursing facilities meet the definition of covered entity) provide a notice to patients (or residents) detailing the ways in which the covered entity will use or disclose the patient's protected healthcare information (PHI).
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