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meet (one's)/the requirements

To completely fulfil or satisfy the conditions required for something. Unfortunately, you did not meet the requirements we laid out for you, so your application was rejected. We only use ingredients that meet our very strict requirements for quality and renewability.
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meet the requirements (for something)

to fulfill the requirements for something. Sally was unable to meet the requirements for the job. Jane met the requirements and was told to report to work the next day.
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meet the requirements

Satisfy the conditions, as in This grade of lumber does not meet our requirements, or Lynn did not meet the requirements for this position. This expression uses meet in the sense of "satisfy," a usage dating from the early 1800s. Also see measure up, def. 2.
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This discovery became the impetus for QRA to develop QVscribe, a tool that would analyze requirements and alert the author of ambiguous, overly complex, and essentially malformed engineering requirements.
QVscribe acts like a spelling/grammar checker for requirements documents.
Clinical software is one of the many healthcare software which requirements are derived from technical terminologies expressions and concepts used in clinical statements [4].
Hence requirements engineers have to ensure consistent requirements to minimise medical errors and increase the quality of health services [7].
Companies seeking compliance, whether for automotive (ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE), medical (IEC 62304), avionics (DO-178B/C, DO-278A), rail (EN 50128) or industrial safety (IEC 61508), energy (IEC 60880), defense (DO-254), can use the templates to define requirements standards and reuse the template across teams and product lines.
Visure Requirements belongs to a new generation of Requirements Engineering tools where the emphasis is not only on requirements management, but also on requirements analysis, project organization, and descriptions of the system's high-level functions.
The set of the system requirements describes the functionality of a system, its goals and constrains, which are applicable to the future system.
This funding allowed for commercial off-the-shelf purchases and installation but did not support any development in support of additional fleet requirements to our initial baseline capability.
CPAs should evaluate existing tax accruals for items that do not meet the more-likely-than-not requirement.
Establishing clearly defined business requirements and expectations is vital to the success of any IT infrastructure and management initiative.
However, such contracts will not fail to qualify, if such contingent consideration consists solely of acquirer stock and the COI requirement would be met if none of the contingent consideration were paid to the target shareholders.
The UAA, in section 3, defines substantial equivalency as a determination by a board of accountancy or its designee "that the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the statutes and administrative rules of another jurisdiction are comparable to or exceed the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the Uniform Accountancy Act or that an individual CPA's education, examination and experience qualifications are comparable to or exceed the education, examination and experience requirements contained in the Uniform Accountancy Act."
It requires reinsurers to be authorized by the member state in which the reinsurer has its head office and imposes certain capital requirements to ensure that assets are prudently invested, properly diversified and sufficiently liquid, having due regard to the amount and duration of the expected claims payments.
Under these requirements, the stack of cars loaded against the bulkhead would only require two tie-downs with the proper aggregate WLL.
Donna Faye Burchfield; Roanoke, VA 540.362.6230; Deadline: 12/01/2006; Number awarded: 8 Requirements: MFA applicants
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