require of

require (something) of (someone or something)

To have a necessity or requisite provided by someone or something. Typically used when the required thing is vague or unspecified ("from" is more often used after "require" when the thing is specified). There are a few things we require of you before we can begin processing your information. We're still a little unclear as to what is required of us in this arrangement.
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require something of someone

to expect or demand someone to give or do something. I require absolute loyalty of my employees. What is required of me in this job?
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Local Law 38, the predecessor law, did not require of this.
Insured deposits and access to the Federal Reserve discount window (and Federal Home Loan Bank advances) let insured depositories operate with far less capital or collateralization than the market would otherwise require of them--and far less than it requires of nondepository rivals.