request from

request (something) from (someone or something)

To express a desire to obtain something from someone or something else. Typically used when something specific is being requested ("of" is more often used after "request" when the thing is vague or unspecified). I've requested a new security pass from the company, but I won't be able to access the building until it arrives. We'll need to request the documents from him before we can conclude our audit.
See also: request

request something from someone

to call for something from someone. I will request an explanation from the employee in question. A full report was requested from each person present.
See also: request
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Otherwise, the software may simply read the search request from left to right and evaluate the operators in the order in which they appear in the sentence.
The cost report must be accompanied by a request from the provider to revise the interim exception amount to reflect actual data for the period covered by the report, along with a certification by the provider that there have been no changes in thee services provided or in the patient mix which could reduce the amount of the exception.
Louis District received a request from a Nashville-based International Examiner.
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