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at (someone's) request

Due to having been asked (by someone). I'm only going to the dinner party at my mother's request. Molly has been invited at the bride's request.
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at someone's request

due to someone's request; on being asked by someone. At his mother's request, Tom stopped playing the saxophone. At the request of the police officer, Bill pulled his car over to the side of the road.
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request someone to do something

to ask someone to do something. I am going to request you to turn your radio down. Mary was requested to arrive a few minutes early.
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request something from someone

to call for something from someone. I will request an explanation from the employee in question. A full report was requested from each person present.
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request something of someone

to call for someone to give or do something. I have to request a favor of you. Can I request anything more of him?
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at someone's request

On being asked to do something, as in At my request they'll move us to another room, or I'm speaking at his request. [1300s] Also see by request.
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by request

Also, on or upon request . In response to being asked to do something. For example, The band is playing our favorite song by request. This usage replaced at request. [Late 1600s]
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on request

When asked for, as in The agreement states that the rights on this book revert to the author on request. [c. 1800] Also see by request.
See also: on, request

by request

In response to an expressed desire: We are offering these scarves for sale again by request.
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in request

In great demand: a pianist in great request.
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Enacted in 1968, the California Public Records Act requires all state and local government agencies, with a few exceptions, to respond to document requests within 10 days.
Episcopal Life newspaper reported that Josephine Hicks, a member of ECUSA's ACC deputation, had urged the council to approve the request saying it needed to make a "leadership statement.
The funds would go to high-impact projects that could show results in the short-term or complete programs funded in prior supplemental requests.
The minister can either grant the request, deny it outright or deny it with conditions.
The submission (and any supporting documenta tion) must be supplemented to correct or update all material information (a) within 30 days of an IRS request, (b) before the start of Competent Authority (CA) negotiations in the case of a bilateral or multilateral APA, and (c) prior to execution of the APA.
From October 12, 2001, to January 2, 2002, the team provided rapid feedback and support in response to requests for assistance on bioterrorism-related topics.
2) If an undisclosed transaction is discovered, the Service will routinely request all tax accrual workpapers.
1) Systems that have many applications or many simultaneous application execution threads, which can saturate the total I/O request processing potential (i.
The new tool is the pre-filing agreement (PFA) program, which lets a taxpayer request an advance IRS examination of specific issues before filing a tax return.
The requested court would acknowledge the request within seven days of receiving it.
When Congress amended the FOIA in 1996 a change was made that allows the expedited processing of a request if there is a "compelling need.
They are encouraged to elicit information through informal channels, and have found those channels to be satisfactory without resorting to use of the formal request.
The skyrocket starts out the dialogue in a calm and collected manner until you announce that you cannot certify the request on the basis of the information provided.
or Federal, State, or local government entity, on request, about