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reputed to (someone or something)

1. Rumored, believed, or suspected to do, be, or have something. They are reputed to be developing a new medicine that could revolutionize cancer treatment in the future. He is reputed to have millions of dollars hidden in accounts and shell companies around the world.
2. Ascribed or attributed to someone or something. The quotation is often reputed to George Washington, but there is no evidence that this is actually the case. High-quality, intuitive products have always been reputed to the company, so it's no surprise that their latest device is such a joy to use.
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reputed to

thought to do, be, or have someone or something. My boss is reputed to have cancer. My neighbor was reputed to have been a spy during the war.
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On January 10, 49 B.C., Caesar crossed the Rubicon River, which marked the Italian frontier, with his Tenth Legion, reputedly uttering the phrase that has become synonymous with irreversible, all-or-nothing decisions: "Alea jacta est" ("The die is cast").
Peter, the disciple to whom Christ entrusted the keys of the kingdom, reputedly sat; it includes the Mandylion of Edessa, a third-century image of the face of Jesus on linen considered to be the oldest known likeness of Christ.
Curiously, Bronstein was reputedly the point man on a past Fairey-Adams-Stecyk collaboration.
William McGowan, author of the 2001 antidiversity diatribe Coloring the News (Encounter Books, April 2003), was reputedly working on a book about the paper tentatively rifled Gray Lady Down, also by Encounter.
The administration does not appear to be strongly opposed to either of these measures but is reputedly concerned about their cost.
Both are reputedly members of the ultraconservative lay Catholic order, Opus Dei.
This was reputedly the first time that "guided missiles" had launched from a carrier and attacked an enemy.
The government owned 51 percent of ORT while Berezovsky reputedly had owned the rest.
Graham reputedly questioning his candidate in the following manner: Graham posed a question.
With this production of Edward II--not just a stow about a gay king but also one written by a reputedly gay playwright--Lamos and Gets hope to reach audiences in a direct way.
Select has been fighting a protracted battle to reverse failing sales and, reputedly, worsening relations between customers and its service arm.
Attic Greek poet from the deme (district) of Icaria who reputedly originated the actor's role in drama.
Angelica: Known in the past as the "root of the Holy Ghost," this heavenly aromatic variety reputedly sweetens the digestive tract and strengthens the heart.
The idea for the story reputedly came to Tolstoy after he had viewed the body of a young woman who committed a similar suicide.
Thus the knighthood given to former Aston Villa owner Doug Ellis, reputedly a donor to the Tories, has raised questions.