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reputed to (someone or something)

1. Rumored, believed, or suspected to do, be, or have something. They are reputed to be developing a new medicine that could revolutionize cancer treatment in the future. He is reputed to have millions of dollars hidden in accounts and shell companies around the world.
2. Ascribed or attributed to someone or something. The quotation is often reputed to George Washington, but there is no evidence that this is actually the case. High-quality, intuitive products have always been reputed to the company, so it's no surprise that their latest device is such a joy to use.
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reputed to

thought to do, be, or have someone or something. My boss is reputed to have cancer. My neighbor was reputed to have been a spy during the war.
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When the administration decided it had to forcibly disarm Saddam Hussein of his reputed WMDs, another objective became removing him from power.
The "sir," as indicated earlier, is a white man; the "they" of the last line quoted above are white women, the reputed objects of the defensively comedic Aftican American male persona's reckless eyeballing.
Lewd did I live, evil I did dwel and Napoleon's famous reputed saying,
Soon more well reputed and famous officers will be appointed in IB.
He further mentioned that well reputed owners of hotels were included among 57 persons detained for selling meat on meatless day in bazaars.
A statement issued by the PAF said that Pakistani F-16's would take part in the reputed exercise which would be attended by some of the leading air forces of the world, including the US Air Force.
For instance, on November 8, 2002, the day the Security Council passed its Resolution 1441 insisting that Iraq eliminate its reputed weapons of mass destruction, Mr.
An international centre celebrating 1,500 years of literature, music and art relating to King Arthur is to open near the site of the legendary ruler's reputed last battle in Cornwall.
ISLAMABAD: In what could be dubbed a praiseworthy move, the prime minister has appointed reputed academicians and representatives of civil society as members of a search committee for the appointment of Higher Education Commission (HEC) chairman.The committee for selection of the HEC chairman would be headed by Syed Babar Ali, as earlier politicians were included in the search committee.
Summary: DUBAI - Ten reputed Pakistani companies will be participating in Automechanika Middle East, the largest automotive aftermarket trade exhibition in the wider Middle East from May 22-24 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
According to details FIA cyber crime circle has started investigating that some scruples element created fake Facebook accounts in name well reputed ladies and blackmailing them.
Authorities are investigating the apparent suicide of a reputed mobster who was the lead defendant in a murder and racketeering trial.