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reputed to (someone or something)

1. Rumored, believed, or suspected to do, be, or have something. They are reputed to be developing a new medicine that could revolutionize cancer treatment in the future. He is reputed to have millions of dollars hidden in accounts and shell companies around the world.
2. Ascribed or attributed to someone or something. The quotation is often reputed to George Washington, but there is no evidence that this is actually the case. High-quality, intuitive products have always been reputed to the company, so it's no surprise that their latest device is such a joy to use.
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reputed to

thought to do, be, or have someone or something. My boss is reputed to have cancer. My neighbor was reputed to have been a spy during the war.
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They also thanked prime minister of Pakistan for accepting the demand of higher education community in terms of nomination for search committee headed by a reputed academician.
He further mentioned that well reputed owners of hotels were included among 57 persons detained for selling meat on meatless day in bazaars.
Al Musannah: The 3rd Religious Forum were concluded at a reputed hotel in Al Musannah Wednesday under the auspices of honourable Zahir bin Abdullah al-Abri, member at the State Council in the presence of Sheikh Dr.
Sichuan Tea Association has agreed to send a group of investors and members of reputed Chinese tea companies to Sri Lanka at the end of this year.
A girl who studying nursing in a reputed college in Delhi, is also among those arrested.
Featuring reputed Omani talents like Mouied al Yafee, Khalil al Sinani and Hanan al Ajmi, the play will also have folk songs and traditional Dhofari music.
With this tie-up Frankfinn shall become the first training Institute in India to offer Level 7 UK qualification which shall enable Frankfinn Students to gain direct entry to relevant Masters Degree courses in reputed universities/colleges in UK and other countries in the world where ICM has tie-ups.
The well was a place of pilgrimage and its waters were reputed to cure warts, lameness, blindness, scurvy and rheumatism.
Although the amplification of the quote does not indicate when Cardinal Leger was told of Our Lady's reputed exclamation, one wonders whether Quebecers would be similarly moved if they heard it today.
Lisa Eisner, the photographer and publisher whom is reputed to have a huge collection of vintage polyester '70s team skate threads as well as Sammy Davis Jr's personal wardrobe, appeared in Harper's Bazzar rag attired in same.
Cretan seer, reputed author of religious and poetical writings.
Forgive me, the implication goes, not only for insisting on seeing all that there is humanly possible to see in the world but also for being so presumptuous in my reputed inhumanity as a person of African descent to aspire to write poetry of a quality and comprehensiveness equal to your own.
They have also been called Sotadics, from their reputed inventor, Sotades, a scurrilous Greek poet of the 3rd century bc.