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house of ill repute

 and house of ill fame
Euph. a house of prostitution. The sign says "Health Club," but everyone knows it's a house of ill repute. He made a lot of money by running a house of ill fame.
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woman of ill repute

Euph. a prostitute. His favorite companion was a woman of ill repute. If you can't be faithful to your husband, you're no better than a woman of ill repute.
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References in classic literature ?
It was not quite so far off as could have been wished; but it was probably far enough, her radius of movement and repute having been so small.
When the people possess this power they desire to be altogether absolute, that they may not be under the control of the law, and this is the time when flatterers are held in repute.
Without being particularly ungracious or repellent in manner or speech, he managed somehow to be immune to impertinent curiosity, yet exempt from the evil repute with which it commonly revenges itself when baffled; so far as I know, Mr.
Palmer, the teacher of the public school, all men of consequence and repute.
I repute them for the two chief lanterns of light to all others that have since employed their pens on English poesie.
Sir Mulberry Hawk lived abroad for some years, courted and caressed, and in high repute as a fine dashing fellow.
LAHORE -- Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif Tuesday addressed Chatem House, a think tank of international repute under the aegis of Royal Institute of International Affairs in London.
We were all laughing together about recent talk of politicians being "in bed" with people of ill repute.
He said that the people of good repute should be appointed as the people elected this government and gave its mandate to root out corruption.
And she says the hard times are reflected in her latest album - House of Ill Repute.
The automatic penalty for loss of repute would be to revoke Ferris' operating licence.
This beach community north of Los Angeles hosted a thriving punk scene that became known as Nardcore, also spawning bands like Ill Repute, Stalag 13, Dr Know and RKL.
It is clear that a man's reputation depended in part on the good repute of his female relatives.
A teacher and scholar of international repute, he was a member of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) since its beginning in 1970 and was a major influence in the search for unity between the Roman Catholic Church and the churches of the Anglican Communion.
When Sarah asked to be declared married by habit and repute the move was opposed by Patrick's two daughters, who claimed he had paid her rent.