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get a reputation (for something)

To become known for something, often something negative. A: "Of course Sal's late. Again." B: "I know, he's really getting a reputation." She's got a reputation for stellar grades, so she would make an excellent tutor for you. Another botched project? Wow, Rose's really getting a reputation for shoddy work.
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live up to (one's)/its reputation

To have all the positive or negative attributes that others associate with one or something. I enjoyed the movie, but I just don't think it lived up to its reputation as the greatest horror film of all time. She certainly lived up to her reputation as one of the greediest, most ruthless CEOs in the country.
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stake (one's) reputation on (someone or something)

To invest in, vouch for, promote, guarantee, etc., someone or something at the risk of sullying one's reputation should they or it fail to live up to expectations. Ever since my grandfather founded this company in 1947, we have staked our reputation on putting customer satisfaction above all else. You're asking me to stake my reputation on someone with no experience and no formal education just because you've got a hunch that they'll do well in my law firm?
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* reputation (for doing something)

a state of having a particular kind of reputation for doing something. (Often a bad reputation, as in the examples. *Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) You'll get a reputation for cheating. I don't want to get a reputation for being late.

* reputation (for doing something)

a state of having a particular kind of reputation for doing something. (Often a bad reputation, as in the examples. *Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) You'll get a reputation for cheating. I don't want to get a reputation for being late.

stake one's reputation on someone or something

to risk harming one's reputation on someone or something. Of course Denise is great. I will stake my reputation on her! It may be so, but I wouldn't stake my reputation on it.
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live up to your/its repuˈtation

be as good, bad, etc. as people say: The restaurant lived up to its reputation. We had a wonderful meal.
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Strong, positive reputations help firms forge positive relationships with patients, investors, physicians, suppliers, regulators and even competitors.
Xbox One has current categories for each player reputation score: green, yellow and red.
In the opening chapter, Carroll offers the rationale for studying corporate reputation from multiple communication perspectives and describes a communication-based definition of the concept.
Reputation is the accumulation of stories and images of a person or an organization.
As one of the world's leading corporate communications groups, we at AMO spend a great deal of time promoting and defending corporate reputation. A little while ago, though, we asked ourselves what all this is really worth.
Providing "tangible assistance to an intangible risk," AGCS said its Reputation Protect Plus offers comprehensive crisis management services to ensure that an organization's response to a crisis is professional and timely.
Mar keting leaders are catching on to the fact that online reputation can be a major asset or a tremendous detriment to business success.
Corporate reputation is an intangible asset that enhances value creation and sustains competitive advantage for a long period.
In keeping with that a new online survey of 5,000 readers, which is a consumer information website focused on broadband ISPs, has claimed that 80% of respondents agreed that a provider's reputation could impact their choice when they think of switching (18% answered "maybe" and 2% said "no").
Threats like those to a company's reputation and brand image are wide-reaching and have become one of the most pressing perils facing senior management teams.
Reputation touches almost everything, guiding our behavior and choices in countless ways.
Reputation Institute's RepTrak methodology helps global companies unlock the power of their reputations for competitive advantage.
Italian philosopher Gloria Origgi sheds light on the complex process behind the formation of a reputation. With the advent of the Internet and social media, reputations have become vulnerable, fragile and elusive, but are also an indispensable and ubiquitous tool to determine how others see us and also to guide us in our choice of doctors, websites or brands.
We at Sparx not only mend online reputations but also maintain a real-time image of a company among people.
A home market reputation is a pre-requisite for building reputations abroad.