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repulse from (someone or something)

1. To drive someone or something back and away from someone, something, or some place. A noun or pronoun is used between "repulse" and "from." We were able to repulse the enemy soldiers from the fort. The country's small army repulsed the massive invasion from the shores of their island.
2. To cause someone to feel an aversion to or repugnance in something or some action and cause them avoid or desist it as a result. (Some linguists reject this usage of "repulse," though it has become normalized through common use.) A noun or pronoun is used between "repulse" and "from." My parents' zealotry repulsed me from religion at a very young age. The negative experience certainly repulsed me from ever helping them out in the future.
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repulse someone or something from something

to resist or repel someone or something from something. The royal guard repulsed the rebels from the palace grounds. Only the use of guns could repulse the starving wolves from the area around the cabin.
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computerized simulation drill to test capacities of repulsing a possible
Pakistani soldiers killed three Indian Army personnel and injured 10 others on Monday while repulsing an attack on a Pakistani post in the Leepa Valley on the northern edge of the Line of Control (LOC) in disputed Kashmir, the Defense Ministry said.
Dozens of Sudanese and mercenaries were killed and injured, destroyed four vehicles for the invaders and destroyed the fifth one during repulsing the infiltration.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) The 33nd Brigade in the popular crowd killed on Tuesday, twenty-four elements of the Daesh organization by repulsing a broad attack by Daesh on Al-Hadhar desert.
Security troops, according to Rezeij, "confronted the attack and inflicted huge losses on the enemy in addition to repulsing its scheme."
The statement also pointed the movement's fighters repelled a government caravan which was heading towards Rokero area, north of Jebel Marra and Sorong and Keeloi north west of Jebel Marra as well as repulsing a caravan in Kininga and Baldonk areas.
"Policemen in Mati showed their alertness, operational readiness for quickly repulsing the attackers.
Four Pakistani Military soldiers embraced shahadat while repulsing the attack.