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repulse from (someone or something)

1. To drive someone or something back and away from someone, something, or some place. A noun or pronoun is used between "repulse" and "from." We were able to repulse the enemy soldiers from the fort. The country's small army repulsed the massive invasion from the shores of their island.
2. To cause someone to feel an aversion to or repugnance in something or some action and cause them avoid or desist it as a result. (Some linguists reject this usage of "repulse," though it has become normalized through common use.) A noun or pronoun is used between "repulse" and "from." My parents' zealotry repulsed me from religion at a very young age. The negative experience certainly repulsed me from ever helping them out in the future.
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repulse someone or something from something

to resist or repel someone or something from something. The royal guard repulsed the rebels from the palace grounds. Only the use of guns could repulse the starving wolves from the area around the cabin.
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He said claimed that administration had ordered locals not to freely associate and hold meetings to decide how to repulse the Somali herders.
On Admiral Godfrey's desk sat an ashtray from the HMS Repulse and a model of the ship.
Ken Radcliff with his painting of the sinking of HMS Repulse, to be unveiled officially next week
SALISBURY: 2.10 Dane Flyer, 4.10 Repulse Bay (nap).
As naval officers watched, HMS Repulse sailed into Coulport on Loch Long to the strains of Auld Lang Syne and Amazing Grace.
Gabriel said four rebel fighters have been killed in the surprise attack on the SPLA-IO headquarter in Ardeb on Thursday afternoon before to manage to repulse the attack.
A 41-year-old Filipino domestic helper was arrested after she allegedly stole clothes belonging to her employer who lives in a posh villa at Hong Kong's Repulse Bay.
Major John Garner, 82, from Moss Lane, Maghull, was a 19-year-old gunnery operator aboard the 26, 500 ton battle cruiser HMS Repulse when it was torpedoed by a Japanese bomber on December 10, 1941.
Dozens of Soudanis and Saudi mercenaries were killed and injured when the army and popular forces destroyed their four vehicles and destroyed another one during the infiltrate repulse. Meanwhile, the aggression warplane launched 15 raids to support the infiltrate on Medi without making any progress.
The militants reportedly took over al-Tash and al-Jamea (university) areas after invading them with 20 pickup trucks, however, troops were able to repulse the attack.
Alan Matthews' 82-year-old father, Ted, was on board HMS Repulse when it was sunk by the Japanese in World War II.
After surviving combat with the Bismarck, she was sent to the Far East with the battlecruiser HMS Repulse to counter the swiftly developing Japanese threat in the region.
Birth date, parentage, and early career unknown; he first appears as an important general when he was sent to Britain by Valentinian to repulse a Pict invasion supported by Saxon sea rovers; his task was not an easy one, but in two well-run campaigns he repulsed both enemies, and restored both the frontier and public order; he was helped by his son, also named Theodosius (368-369); he was next sent to Mauretania to suppress the revolt of Firmus, a Moorish leader there (371); he defeated Firmus in a swift and efficient campaign, ending in Firmus' suicide (371/372); despite these services, Theodosius was executed, possibly on the order of jealous Emperor Valens (376).