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repulse someone or something from something

to resist or repel someone or something from something. The royal guard repulsed the rebels from the palace grounds. Only the use of guns could repulse the starving wolves from the area around the cabin.
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shoulder-to-shoulder with the armed forces of Pakistan to repulse the biggest ever attack of cunning and invading Indian army with 600 tanks at Chawinda while laying down under these tanks after tying the bombs with their bodies.
GRADE-NINE STUDENTS FROM Tusarvik School in Repulse Bay, Nunavut, put their baking talents to good use on March 18.
Lawrence River, including Prince of Orange (sixty guns), Rochester (fifty guns), and Eurus (unknown), while eight more were sent from Louisbourg, including Fame (seventy-four guns), Dorsetshire (seventy), and Achilles (sixty), and the frigates Scarborough (twenty-nine) and Repulse (thirty-two).
The army fulfilled its duty according to the Taif doctrine and the weapons of resistance are crucial until the army has been properly equipped to repulse the enemy," Jumblatt said.
He candidly shares his experiences of some key moments of World War II: the Evacuation of Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, and the sinkings of the capital ships Prince of Wales and Repulse.
Back in 1955, the traction engine Repulse had laid abandoned in a field at Crockett's Farm in Beamish, County Durham.
When Bond seeks out his boss, he finds that on the door of his house there is a clapper of the brass ship bell of the former HMS Repulse, the last of whose lines, a battle cruiser, had been M's final sea-going appointment.
You have told her that you are "repulsed, disgusted, and disappointed", and are now surprised that, having told her that her opinions repulse, disgust and disappoint you, she is no longer speaking to you
This time they will be extended to seven games before they repulse a Cardinal team that will cause this baseball-crazed town many tense moments.
To help repulse the enemy's counter-offensive, the U.
The sinking of HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse at the hands of the Japanese on 10 December 1941 was one of the greatest tragedies to hit Britain in the Far East.
Doubtful stayer Repulse Bay is one for layers to consider in the opener at Musselburgh, but we are already involved in that race with Yaheska anyway.
You might not be, but John McCosker is: He once licked a batfish to see if its skin possessed defensive chemicals that might repulse predators.
The artist portrays the attack on the British Royal Navy's Force Z on 10 December 1941, which resulted in the sinking of the battlecruiser Repulse and battleship Prince of Wales off Malaya by Type 1 and Type 96 bombers based near Saigon.
Whether mobilizing to repulse foreigners like Napoleon or locals like al-Jazzar, notables, merchants and others in Nablus were conscious of an identity that did not wait for a firman to be stirred into action.