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banana republic

A small country, often led by a corrupt government, whose economy depends upon either one internally-produced commodity or the revenue generated by foreign companies or investors. The dictator's insistence that the tiny island nation double down on its dominate export has made it even more of a banana republic.
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people's republic

A republic that is governed by a national Communist party. With the way the Communist party has been gaining power, I think we'll be living in a people's republic soon enough.
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banana republic

a small tropical state, especially one in central America, whose economy is regarded as wholly dependent on its fruit-exporting trade. derogatory
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Shirley Ho-Vicario as ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the to the Federal Republic of Nigeria with concurrent jurisdiction over the Republic of Benin, Burkina Faso, the Republic of Cameroon, Central African Republic, the Republic of Cote D'lvoire or Ivory Coast, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, the Gabonese Republic, the Islamic Republic of Gambia, the Republic of Ghana, the Republic of Guinea, the Republic of Liberia, the Republic of Senegal, the Republic of Sierra Leone and the Togolese Republic.
GABONESE REPUBLIC Also Ambassador to the Democratic
Leonel Fernandez Reyna, president of the Dominican Republic, at a dinner meeting celebrating an emerging relationship under CAFTA-DR.
But there is very little understanding of the relevance of that murder, of what part it played in the death of the Roman Republic and the birth of the empire, or of how the lessons of that era apply to today.
The Dominican Republic, located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, is a treasure of color and radiance that illuminates the Antilles Archipelago.
Demonstrated leadership in sales, service and customer care for 25 years has helped Republic Crane & Equipment Company become a leading provider of scrap handling equipment to the North American market.
To the Editor: During the rainy season, from April to September 2003, 463 children [less than or equal to]15 years of age (median 10 months) with severe diarrhea were admitted to the Pediatric Hospital of Kalembelembe in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
September 8, 2004: Switzerland v Republic of Ireland
Ltd headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and has granted them the right to market Emitasol(TM), metaclopromide nasal spray, in 12 additional countries in Asia.
At the very heart of this intersection of powers, on the Korean Peninsula, there is important work being led by our ally, the Republic of Korea, toward the possibility of a dramatic change in the status quo.
And within five years of the 1991 war we are likely to witness the finalizing of peace treaties between the government of the State of Israel and the governments of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Syrian Arab Republic and the Republic of Lebanon.
They are the ambassadors of Republic of Macedonia (non-resident); the United Republic of Comoros; Federal Republic of Germany; Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; Republic of Sudan; Republic of South Sudan; Kingdom of Netherlands; Kingdom of Sweden; Republic of France; Republic of Chad; Republic of Cuba; Republic of Lithuania (non-resident); European Union delegation; Republic of Yemen; Republic of Equatorial Guinea; Republic of Paraguay (non-resident); United Mexican States; Republic of South Africa; Republic of Russian Federation; Kingdom of Spain and Republic of Malawi (non-resident).
Mohammed Moncef Marzouki, President of the Tunisian Republic, President Abdul Aziz Bouteflika of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, President Ismail Omar Guelleh of the Republic of Djibouti, Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir, President of the Republic of Sudan, President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud of the Democratic Republic of Somalia, President Dr.