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reprove (someone or something) for (doing) (something)

To scold, criticize, or express disappointment in or disapproval of someone, oneself, or some group or organization for some action, error, or wrongdoing. It filled me with guilt the way my mother reproved me for failing my exam. The federal court reproved the banks for their part in plunging the economy into recession, but stopped short of actually imposing any punishment or penalty. He reproved himself for saying such foolish things on his date.
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reprove someone for something

to criticize or censure someone for something. The boss reproved all the employees for their use of the telephones for personal calls. We were all reproved for being late too often.
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A treatise reproving all superstitions and forms of witchcraft: very necessary and useful for all good Christians zealous for their salvation.
No mess, no fuss and there's no situation that can't be de-fused with a reproving look from the redoubtable lead.
Now the prospective headmaster seemed to look at her, pink-cheeked and reproving. 4C again, she thought; her mark.
STUDENTS at a city sixth-form college a reproving that media studies courses can not only help keep young people in education but also change their lives.
And there are pivotal roles for his mother and a haughtily reproving neighbor, played here with delicious aplomb respectively by Helen Ryan and Nancy Crane.
Police said 23 speeding prosecutions had been reopened and the force was in the process of reproving its case.
On the other hand we have a decidedly pre-Galilean Ficino, in step with the assumptions of his age, reproving poets for suggesting that things familiar to us in the subcelestial realm could be attributed to supercelestial entities.
I could just see Hitchens reproving an abashed Clinton: "Mr.
FOR more than 50 years he has been the conscience of America's courtrooms--a reproving voice that has steadfastly challenged juries and jurists to compel the nation to abide by its pledge of liberty and justice for all.
Yes, Ieuan Evans, captain of Wales, reproving fans after the Scotland game in 1994.
But their animosity finally wears down when Reno realizes Alex is so testy because he recently lost his little daughter to cancel: (The driver keeps spotting his pretty, but worn-out wife, giving him reproving looks in the rearview mirror.)
More than 50 wannabe models have already registered but men and women over 16 a reproving to be a little shy.
It would take, he mused, at least a large reproving finger wagging down from the clouds to get him back into the fold, yelling his ``Hallelujahs'' with the rest of the saved.
His avuncular tone fuses the tender and the stern, the reproving and the supportive.