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reprove (someone or something) for (doing) (something)

To scold, criticize, or express disappointment in or disapproval of someone, oneself, or some group or organization for some action, error, or wrongdoing. It filled me with guilt the way my mother reproved me for failing my exam. The federal court reproved the banks for their part in plunging the economy into recession, but stopped short of actually imposing any punishment or penalty. He reproved himself for saying such foolish things on his date.
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reprove someone for something

to criticize or censure someone for something. The boss reproved all the employees for their use of the telephones for personal calls. We were all reproved for being late too often.
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Johanan said: Until he be rebuked!" (8) Nevertheless, reproof was not primarily intended to anger the one reproved, nor was it appropriate to use reproof to embarrass another person.
It is by no means easy to predict whether children's work outside the home will lead to a pattern of development in which that work will finally be reproved from within the society.
The ruler of the people Israel killed him there as he was being reproved by him concerning the worship of idols." (The pictures in the Ezekiel cycle on the north wall of the Dura synagogue portray his beheading, while apPaul 49 depicts Ezekiel being dragged by the feet by his own countrymen over the rocks on the mountain until they dashed out his brains--Old Testament Pseudepigrapha 2:388.) The Lives of the Prophets is dated by D.
In the 19th century, Florence Nightingale reproved the English Parliament for failing to weigh seriously the consequences of making changes to social programs, charging that "without an inquiry after results, past or present, it is all experiment, see-saw, doctrinaire, a shuttlecock between two battledores." A 21st-century Nightingale could testify at a congressional hearing with only slight revisions.
My comments were too sweeping, and I am justly reproved.
"Some things, however, ought to be vehemently reproved, that, when a fault is not recognized by him who has committed it, he may be made sensible of its gravity from the mouth of the reprover; and that, when anyone smooths over to himself the evil that he has perpetrated, he may be led by the asperity of his censurer to entertain grave fears of its effects against himself.
Such commentators are also reproved in this second part for misrepresenting pre- and post-Tridentine sacramental theology.
Jekyll and the Wolf Man" (Leon Klimowsky, 1971), where monstrousness went hand in hand with drooling -- and sadistically reproved -- sexuality.
The ad hoc committee on prion diseases (BSE and TSE) is a working party drawn from specialist committees which can at most address recommendations to the Scientific Committee.--Differences of interpretation.On October 13, the Commission reproved France for "taking out of context" one of the conclusions contained in the Opinion issued by the Scientific Committee in May, to justify their refusal to lift the embargo on British beef.
If our society is to remain at its barely civilized level, from time to time we do need to be reproved for the vulgarity of wasteful consumption, not to mention the in-your-face boorishness currently recommended by ideologies of self-assertiveness and self-esteem.
As the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer pointed out over a century ago, "It would be a very, good thing if every trick could receive some short and obviously appropriate name, so that when a man used this or that particular trick, he could at once be reproved for it."
I recently reproved Gore Vidal for suing in London, but there's a difference between combating a charge of espionage and treason that could finish you off professionally, and facing the allegation that you swallowed a glass of olive oil at a lunch in west London.
I expect I'd be reproved by boys in bell-bottoms or do you wear jeans and jerseys these days?
Nineteen-forty was a troubled year in South African history, and Miriam is soon reproved for treacherously singing patriotic British songs in a community where anti-British feeling is strong.
The modern world is reproved for `a curious lack of faith in, or even desire for, undefiled joy'.