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reprove (someone or something) for (doing) (something)

To scold, criticize, or express disappointment in or disapproval of someone, oneself, or some group or organization for some action, error, or wrongdoing. It filled me with guilt the way my mother reproved me for failing my exam. The federal court reproved the banks for their part in plunging the economy into recession, but stopped short of actually imposing any punishment or penalty. He reproved himself for saying such foolish things on his date.
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reprove someone for something

to criticize or censure someone for something. The boss reproved all the employees for their use of the telephones for personal calls. We were all reproved for being late too often.
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These disciplinary powers include not only expulsion but also censure, reprimand, letters of reproval and of admonition, and financial restitution.
Members of the Cabinet, Members of Parliament, and civilians-at-large all understood that any actions jeopardizing U.S.-Thai relations would be met with stern reproval. Sarit was well aware on which side his bread was buttered.
Thus, in other notorious circumstances, a Michigan judge was strongly criticized for suspending the sentence of a spouse abuser after citing the law of Moses against infidelity, and a Louisiana judge received sharp reproval for allowing an offender to choose between church and jail as punishment.
He continues with a line from Homer, which he interprets as implying a reproval by reason of the thumos (441b-c).
The practice of women's guardianship assumes that women lack what is required for self-determination--and Richlin rightly emphasizes the degree to which Cicero's Pro Caelio relies upon this cultural prejudice to fashion a picture of Clodia as not only self-willed to the point of insanity, but in desperate need of reproval and restraint by her male relatives.
Having called Kinbote into his office, Nattochdag urges him "to be more careful." Kinbote, gathering that he has transgressed some rule, but not sure of the nature of that rule, asks "in what sense, careful?" Nattochdag answers that "a boy had complained to his advisor." But as soon as we understand this private reproval as a warning about inappropriate sexual advances, the register shifts to the realm of professional collegiality--the student's complaint is that Kinbote "criticized a literature course he attended ('a ridiculous survey of ridiculous works, conducted by a ridiculous mediocrity')." When Kinbote laughs at this "in sheer relief" and promises to "never be naughty again," we might suspect that his relief is at not being chastised about his sexual conduct after all.
I looked at my father to see if he would notice how it seemed to hang between us like reproval, but I couldn't tell, and then we were beyond it.
Notable among these men were James Butler |Wild Bill' Hickok and William Frederick |Buffalo Bill' Cody - both of whom have suffered little reproval for their membership in this Gestapo-like organisation.
Kronman's reproval of Unger's incitement on turn "low-level disputes" into "background" controversies in fact contradicts the settled tradition of law reform litigation invented by common law practitioners.
She is quoted with my reaction in parentheses so that the reader might conclude for her/himself whether they qualify as reasonable, lousy or as unfounded reprovals:
and private admonishments, public reprovals [which were eliminated in