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reproduce from (something)

1. To spawn or generate offspring from some source. Unusual among most plants, ferns reproduce from spores rather than seeds. The platypus and echidna are the only two mammals that reproduce from eggs.
2. To spawn or generate offspring from some range of ages or times of the year. The animal reproduces from March to June each year. The male gorilla is first able to reproduce from 15 to 20 years of age.
3. To produce a copy or duplicate from something or some source; to make an imitation or representation from something or some source. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "reproduce" and "from." The criminals were able to reproduce spot-on counterfeit banknotes from the stolen printing plates. I started my career by reproducing animation from some of my favorite cartoons. We were able to reproduce a legible manuscript from the old parchments we found in the tomb.
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reproduce something from something

to make a copy of something from something else. I think we can reproduce the picture from the copy that you have there. We don't need the negative. Can you reproduce a good copy from this old print?
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The sound reproducing machine should also be of direct financial value to the teacher.
In this section, by using the generalized Jacobi basis function, we will introduce a reproducing kernel Hilbert space method for solving the desired boundary value problem with the recognition that this basis function is useful in constructing reproducing kernel method, because of honestly in the boundary conditions
Moreover, together with Professor Yoshihiro Sawano, he is planning to publish in Springer a fundamental monograph entitled "Theory of Reproducing Kernels and Applications".
It is worth mentioning that the reproducing kernel K of a Hilbert space H is unique, and the existence of K is due to the Riesz representation theorem, where K completely determines the space H.
In order to use reproducing kernel method to solve (3) and referring to [15, 16], we can get [[psi].sub.i](x) as follows:
When it comes to reproducing quality digital photos, Epson more than a year ago solved one of the most difficult technical challenges--high-quality black and white images without the effects of metamerism (a greenish effect on black and white photography).
It is not a matter of reproducing Haussmann's boulevards, or the street grids of the nineteenth century, or Baroque squares or the gardens of Le Notre.
"It's a freak of nature and it's just one insect called Athena that keeps reproducing."
By documenting the sheer profusion of cultural products available and by outlining the market-based mechanisms that promote such plenitude, In Praise of Commercial Culture fully succeeds in its basic goal of presenting "the capitalist market economy [as] a vital...institutional framework for supporting a plurality of coexisting artistic visions, providing a steady stream of new and satisfying creations, helping consumers and artists refine their tastes, and paying homage to the eclipsed past by capturing, reproducing, and disseminating it." This is an impressive achievement, one underwritten by Cowen's careful, thoughtful analysis.
An indexing system is defined as "a system that permits the identification and retrieval for viewing or reproducing of relevant books and records maintained in an electronic storage system." Maintaining an indexing system will be satisfied if the indexing system is functionally comparable to a reasonable hard copy filing system.
Perhaps Wilson scrupulously recorded the text before her, reproducing all accidentals.
And section 4.01(8) provides that the taxpayer must provide the IRS with the resources necessary for "promptly" locating, retrieving, reading, and reproducing on paper any imaged documents, but does not hint at what distinguishes "prompt" from "not prompt" action.
It is only among the more complex, sexually reproducing organisms that death enters the picture as a regular phenomenon.
These qualities are complementary as well; for example, the color plates devoted exclusively to reproducing samples of the document allow the reader a sense of the different hands and inks present in the original.
Reproducing even a small portion of a work can still be problematic if the "heart" of the work is taken (Harper & Row Publishers, Inc.