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reproduce from (something)

1. To spawn or generate offspring from some source. Unusual among most plants, ferns reproduce from spores rather than seeds. The platypus and echidna are the only two mammals that reproduce from eggs.
2. To spawn or generate offspring from some range of ages or times of the year. The animal reproduces from March to June each year. The male gorilla is first able to reproduce from 15 to 20 years of age.
3. To produce a copy or duplicate from something or some source; to make an imitation or representation from something or some source. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "reproduce" and "from." The criminals were able to reproduce spot-on counterfeit banknotes from the stolen printing plates. I started my career by reproducing animation from some of my favorite cartoons. We were able to reproduce a legible manuscript from the old parchments we found in the tomb.
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reproduce something from something

to make a copy of something from something else. I think we can reproduce the picture from the copy that you have there. We don't need the negative. Can you reproduce a good copy from this old print?
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ReproZip is extensible enough to be used for reproducibility across research domains as well as across library services.
Table 1 shows the values of [zeta]w, CV, and CR for repeatability and reproducibility derived from the random-effects model for IOP, bIOP, and DCRs.
Regarding (a) the assessment of the reproducibility of the suggested imaging protocol was performed based on the comparison of the function parameters of the subsequent acquired scans performed on PND 91, PND 93, and PND 95.
However, this does not equal good reproducibility as it simply means that the estimate had a similar increase by one rater when the estimate of the other increased.
Second, these results might be valid for rhesus monkeys; however, it is not clear whether the results regarding the reproducibility of the flow index measurements are applicable in other species.
They concluded that difficulty in determining the morphology of C3 and C4 leads to poor reproducibility of the CVMS method.
Federal journals / The federal government has already taken important steps to promote reproducibility. In 2002, the OMB directed agencies disseminating "influential scientific, financial, or statistical information" to "include a high degree of transparency about data and methods to facilitate the reproducibility of such information by qualified third parties."
Long term variation variance components <30% are generally considered good with larger values suggesting the method may be having reproducibility issues (Snee and Hoerl 2012).
When calculating Repeatability (r), Reproducibility and Uncertainty of the mean, according to the analyzed data, 16 degrees of freedom were accurately determined, obtained with four replications and four analysts; one of the means was within the interval of another mean, so they are compatible.
TMBX is reportedly the company's slowest kinetic option of TMB substrates for extended dynamic range and improved reproducibility within.
The trained examiners measured PD in the study participants, to determine the intra- and inter-examiner reproducibility. Probing depth was defined as the distance between the gingival margin and the bottom of the sulcus/pocket.
Digital Science added three new names to its portfolio of companies: Writefull (an Al-based language platform), Gigantum (a data science platform), and Ripeta (an automated reproducibility assessment tool).
The reproducibility problem that we see today is one that is in part generated by an earlier revolution in research.