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reproduce from (something)

1. To spawn or generate offspring from some source. Unusual among most plants, ferns reproduce from spores rather than seeds. The platypus and echidna are the only two mammals that reproduce from eggs.
2. To spawn or generate offspring from some range of ages or times of the year. The animal reproduces from March to June each year. The male gorilla is first able to reproduce from 15 to 20 years of age.
3. To produce a copy or duplicate from something or some source; to make an imitation or representation from something or some source. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "reproduce" and "from." The criminals were able to reproduce spot-on counterfeit banknotes from the stolen printing plates. I started my career by reproducing animation from some of my favorite cartoons. We were able to reproduce a legible manuscript from the old parchments we found in the tomb.
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reproduce something from something

to make a copy of something from something else. I think we can reproduce the picture from the copy that you have there. We don't need the negative. Can you reproduce a good copy from this old print?
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It is the result of weight on the Government from the world framework to present Plant Breeders' Rights (PBR) to perceive business plant reproducers' commitment in the advancement of new Varieties, which was fortified by the rising private seed industry in Pakistan.
Given the propensity of most small firms to be reproducers, rather than innovators (Aldrich & Kenworthy, 1999), evolutionary theory has been used to introduce a new perspective.
The distinction between innovators and reproducers represents a big step forward in the demystification of entrepreneurs.
The irony is that the abolition of patrilineal clan system, which might have been seen as the key to women's emancipation, resulted in a new form of women's oppression by transforming women into the bearers of multiple burdens as producer, reproducer, and child-rearer, while they are deprived of the language to discuss themselves and, therefore, forced to be silent.
As noted above, 10 of the critical subsystems (again counting the reproducer and the boundary) deal with matter-energy processing.
Announcing a new bid approach topping the previous 125p a share bid from Sector Wish hoisted Whitecross 7p to 128p while Forward Technology climbed 1p to 16p with a mystery bidder coming in for the reproducer of audio and video cassettes, vinyl records and CDs.
US-based Goodrich Corporation has been selected by Bahrain's national carrier Gulf Air to provide high density video reproducer units (VRU) to upgrade the airline's Airbus A330 fleet in-flight entertainment system.
(The studies did not query the respondents about the reproducer and boundary subsystems since these two functions were outside their personal spans of control.) These reference sheets included examples of work activities in relation to the LST processes.
(3) Internal processes of matter energy are carried out by the reproducer, the matter--energy storage and the supporter subsystems.
The subsystems that process both matter/ energy and information are (1) reproducer and (2) boundary.
There are two subsystems, already mentioned above, namely the boundary and the reproducer, which handle both matter--energy and information.
When the sustainability/survival of the earth is concerned it is important to look at subsystems such as extruder, reproducer and decider.