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reproduce from (something)

1. To spawn or generate offspring from some source. Unusual among most plants, ferns reproduce from spores rather than seeds. The platypus and echidna are the only two mammals that reproduce from eggs.
2. To spawn or generate offspring from some range of ages or times of the year. The animal reproduces from March to June each year. The male gorilla is first able to reproduce from 15 to 20 years of age.
3. To produce a copy or duplicate from something or some source; to make an imitation or representation from something or some source. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "reproduce" and "from." The criminals were able to reproduce spot-on counterfeit banknotes from the stolen printing plates. I started my career by reproducing animation from some of my favorite cartoons. We were able to reproduce a legible manuscript from the old parchments we found in the tomb.
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reproduce something from something

to make a copy of something from something else. I think we can reproduce the picture from the copy that you have there. We don't need the negative. Can you reproduce a good copy from this old print?
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Second, the stress on agency found in the best class analyses suggests first that racism is not a regrettable but universal aspect of "human nature," but shaped and reproduced by historical actors who may and must be held accountable.
Thirteen beautiful examples of his watercolours are reproduced in the book.
Reds and Gregg Nielsen were reproduced incorrectly on p.
Taxpayers may use data compression or formatting technologies as part of the system, but all books and records must be legible and readable when displayed on a video display terminal or reproduced in hard copy.
It is a manifesto for good city-making, reproduced here in slightly edited form.
* Completed testing of the electronic storage system to establish that hard copy or computerized books and records are being reproduced in compliance with all the provisions of the revenue procedure; and
(In the absence of textual apparatus it is impossible to tell.) But Johnson was a perfectionist, and it is hard to imagine his allowing some of the errors reproduced in this edition to appear under his name.
University faculty create copyrighted works and members of the university community use copyrighted materials to prepare for teaching and for research purposes; faculty assign copyrighted works to be read by students; and faculty-produced copyrighted works are reproduced for library reserves and in coursepacks.
If information was updated or changed, the transparency had to be reproduced to maintain data integrity.
Washington, Jan 9 ( ANI ): For over 100 years, it was assumed that the penicillin-producing mould fungus Penicillium chrysogenum only reproduced asexually through spores.
But "unless it's reproduced in someone else's lab, I'm not going to believe it," he adds.
The photograph, taken by AP photojournalist Richard Drew and reproduced inside the September 12 New York Times, uncannily records an instant in which an unidentified falling man is perfectly aligned with the vertical beams of the towers.
No rationale can be detected for why the reverses of only ten works are included as full-color illustrations in the "Appendix of Reverses" (175-77), while others--some with documentary inscriptions, or at least more-interesting decoration--are reproduced as black-and-white details in the checklist section.
While I take issue with the point that lectures can't be reproduced online (in college, I had many professors who simply read from a script for 90 minutes), there is some truth to the fact that small seminars--where most productive learning takes place--will be harder to replicate online.