reprimand for

reprimand (someone or something) for (doing) (something)

To scold, upbraid, or criticize someone, an animal, or some group or organization for some action, error, or wrongdoing. They won't so much as reprimand their child for his bad behavior. It looks like the United Nations is finally willing to formally reprimand the country for disobeying the international treaty. She reprimanded the dog for peeing on the carpet.
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reprimand someone for something

to scold someone for something; to admonish someone for something. There is no need to reprimand me for a simple accident! Mary was reprimanded for being late.
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The OLR had sought a public reprimand for the conduct.Although a public reprimand does not involve a license suspension, the OLR makes the court's disciplinary decision public and sends the decision to the lawyer's hometown newspaper.
Summary: Dubai [UAE], Aug 29 (ANI): West Indies skipper Jason Holder has received an official reprimand for breaching Level 1 of the ICC Code of Conduct during the fourth day of the second Test against England at the Headingley Carnegie here last evening.
FINMA did, however, send the bank a written reprimand for shortcomings in its money-laundering processes.'
One taxi driver was given a reprimand for not posting his rates, one was fined e1/450 for covering his meter, another e1/450 for wearing inappropriate clothing and yet another for 'misbehaviour'.
Kiwi paceman Milne received an official reprimand for violating the game's code of conduct, the ICC said.
The reprimand for Boykin's actions was sharply worded.
Cutler was given a three-year severe reprimand and Blair was given a reprimand for two years.
In addition, an attorney he represented in a grievance case was receiving a reprimand for an advertising rules violation, which, he noted, did not cause harm to clients.
A TEENAGER was handed a formal reprimand for wasting police time over a false sex assault claim at the Royal Welsh Show.
The more normal situation, and I hope that's what happens, would be there's not even a reprimand for Ron Dennis' team because it's almost impossible to prove anything."
A 16-year-old youth was arrested on Wednesday evening in connection with the attack and was issued with a reprimand for common assault.
It is inadvisable to reprimand for something like a "bad attitude," which is not only so vague that the employee may not know where to begin to satisfy the boss's requirements but also purely subjective on the supervisor's part.
Bangalore, Oct 11 (ANI): Indian opener Murali Vijay has received an official reprimand for breaching the ICC Code of Conduct and regulations governing clothing and equipment during the second Test against Australia here on Sunday.
We accept the JQC's recommendation of a public reprimand for Judge Angel, which is consistent with governing precedent with regard to the appropriate sanction for this type of judicial misconduct."
The court ordered the reprimand for former Circuit Judge Bonnie S.