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an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client

proverb Choosing to represent yourself in court rather than hiring a lawyer is usually very unwise. A: "I'm licensed and all, so I'm just going to represent myself. What's the problem?" B: "Well, you know what they say—an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client."

represent (someone or something) as (something)

1. To depict, portray, or describe someone, something, or oneself as a particular kind or type of thing. The film aims to represent the dictator as a benevolent, generous leader. They're trying to represent their latest product's failure as a learning opportunity, but investors don't seem too convinced if the company's stock prices are anything to go by. She was arrested for representing herself as a lawyer to several people, offering discreet legal help in exchange for large fees.
2. To act or serve as some kind of delegate, advocate, or agent on behalf of someone or something. I don't want someone like him representing me as a senator in Congress! I've represented a number of talented writers as a literary agent in the past. It has been a great honor to represent my country as an ambassador to the United Nations.
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represent (someone or something) in (something)

1. To indicate, symbolize, or stand for someone or something within something. The dove represents peace in many religious and political artworks. There is a long tradition of using shades of black and red to represent villains film.
2. To act or serve as someone's or something's delegate, advocate, or agent, as in business or legal activities. My father-in-law is an accomplished lawyer, so he's going to represent me in court. You want a shrewd businessperson to represent you in all your negotiations to ensure you get the best deal possible. I really don't advise representing yourself in the divorce proceedings.
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represent to (someone or something)

1. To embody, typify, or act as an example of something to someone or something. The size of the project may look daunting, but it represents a huge business opportunity to me. That kind of behavior might represents a lazy, unreliable person to some people.
2. To indicate, symbolize, or stand for someone or something in the eyes of someone or something else. The subtle position of the woman's hand in the painting represents remorse to some people, while other think it represents acceptance. Though they may be politically incorrect, these festivities represent an important piece of cultural heritage to a lot of people in the country.
3. To act or serve as someone's or something's delegate, advocate, or agent while dealing with someone or something else. I decided to just let a recruiter represent me to potential employers who might have a position that fits my skills and experience. He went to the summit to represent his constituency to parliament.
4. To state, explain, or describe something to someone or something. My job it so argue the case in line with the way my client has represented the facts to me. They represented the project to the committee as an opportunity to revitalize the city's economy.
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represent someone in something

to act as one's advocate or agent in business or legal proceedings. My lawyer represented me in court. His attorney will represent him in all his dealings with the publishing company.
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represent someone or something as something

to depict or portray someone or something as something; to think of someone or something as something. I don't think you should represent me as so perfect. After all, I'm human. The artist represented my puppy as a playful animal.
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represent something to someone

1. to exemplify something to someone. What does this behavior represent to you? This represents a lapse in manners to me.
2. to explain a matter to someone. He represented the matter to me in a much more charitable light. I did not represent it properly to you.
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Barry Sanet of Sierra Realty represented FIG & OLIVE in the lease transaction.
An institution's most recent CRA performance evaluation is a particularly important consideration in the applications process because it represents a detailed, on-site evaluation of the institution's overall record of performance under the CRA by its appropriate federal supervisor.
The North is ruled by the Trigram K'an ('the Abysmal'), which represents the fathomless potential of Water.
The Michigan Law alumnus represents 12 urban redevelopment authorities and tax reinvestment zones responsible for stimulating over a billion dollars of new investments in Houston and Galveston.
The tolerance zone represents a boundary that separates in-tolerance and out-of-tolerance conditions.
Another challenge was to select a profile that represents a sufficiently broad segment of the market so end-users would find results relevant and useful in evaluating products.
In her exploration of how Hollywood represents religion in film, Miles limits her analysis to films that treat Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
The publication of these two collected anthologies represents an important moment in the historiography of jazz research.
A memory strand together with its stickers therefore represents a unique string of 1s and 0s.
* Select Agency, Inc., represents Diesel USA's 55DSL, N.E.R.D's Pharrell Williams' Billionaire Boys Club.
In particular, First Security Bank, N.A., Salt Lake City, Utah, ("First Security Bank"), which is First Security's lead bank and represents approximately 76 percent of the assets controlled by First Security, received an "outstanding" rating from the OCC, as of May 1999.(32)
The transaction represents a renewal of 17,766 SF and expansion of 24,850 SF.
(10.) The Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment provides that an institution's most recent CRA performance evaluation is an important and often controlling factor in the consideration of an institution's CRA record because it represents a detailed evaluation of the institution's overall record of performance under the CRA by its appropriate federal banking supervisor.
C&W, the world's largest fully integrated real estate services firm, represents Kipp/Stawski Group as its exclusive leasing agent for 360 Madison Ave.
This divestiture represents almost one-half of the originally proposed increase in market share and would allow a new entrant to become immediately competitive in the market or significantly enhance the market share of a small in-market competitor.