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represent someone in something

to act as one's advocate or agent in business or legal proceedings. My lawyer represented me in court. His attorney will represent him in all his dealings with the publishing company.
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represent someone or something as something

to depict or portray someone or something as something; to think of someone or something as something. I don't think you should represent me as so perfect. After all, I'm human. The artist represented my puppy as a playful animal.
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represent something to someone

1. to exemplify something to someone. What does this behavior represent to you? This represents a lapse in manners to me.
2. to explain a matter to someone. He represented the matter to me in a much more charitable light. I did not represent it properly to you.
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Likewise, we assessed the contribution of the most adequate farming processes given the agroecologic zones with greater representability.
Re-fathoming the dark of heartness: contrapuntal representations of the Rwandan genocide' is another contribution on the representability of a genocide and discusses two texts by a non-Rwandan and a Rwandan writer.
To assure the representability of the simulation model for microcars, some requirements are defined.
2015), to improve representability and reduce uncertainty as much as possible; nevertheless, the choice of resolution rested on the information needs.
White's previous book, Uninvited: Classical Hollywood Cinema and Lesbian Representability (1999), is treasured by lesbian and queer advocates and considered a must read within media studies.
1) Instead, what we see is the representability, warts and all, of modern society in its totality, or what Lehmann calls "the ideal of surveyability" (40).
As cinema scholar Patricia White, in a chapter devoted to All About Eve in her book Uninvited: Classical Hollywood Cinema and Lesbian Representability (1999), writes, "The film makes room for two women .
This is the property of finite representability of [?
In particular the requirement of graphical representability,
The text must count, that is, it must not miss (although it will always miscount) any of them even when counting erases the singularity of each victim, killing her symbolically again in the name of her representability.
188) On different representational regimes, their characteristics, and the possibilities they produce for representability, see JACQUES RANCIERE, THE FUTURE OF THE IMAGE 136-37 (Gregory Elliott trans.
Historically, it relates to a specific space and to the problems relating to both the representability of that space and the legibility of the images created as its witnessing and archiving.
The essays discuss different aspects of his work (perception, embodiment, Britishness, representability, multimedia, symbolism).
PNDS-2006 is a home research of complex probability sampling with national representability, which had among its objectives to characterize female population at fertile age and to identify reproductive and marital patterns and evaluate access to health services in Brazil (8).
3) Is Article 2 of Directive [2008/95] to be interpreted as meaning that the requirement for graphic representability is satisfied by a representation by a design alone or with such additions as a description of the layout or indications of the absolute dimensions in metres or of relative dimensions with indications as to proportions?