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repose in something

1. to lie stretched out in something, such as a bed. I think I would like to repose in my own bed for an hour or two before I begin my journey. Tom reposed in a comfortable chair for the rest of the evening.
2. to lie stretched out in a particular state, such as death or slumber. She lay on the cot, reposed in slumber, waiting for Prince Charming to arrive. The ruler reposed in death on public view for two days.
3. [for something] to exist in something or be part of the essence of something. Much of our cultural heritage reposes in our literature. Considerable important thinking reposes in folktales and myths.
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repose (up)on something

to lie on something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I will repose upon these cushions until my bathwater has been drawn. Dawn reposed on the sofa for over an hour.
See also: on, repose
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fold of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) reposing full confidence in the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and PML (N) AJK Chief Raja Farooq Haider Khan.
In his brief chat with the media, Sabir Hussain thanked all for reposing confidence on him and assured that he would work dedicatedly.
Reposing confidence in the leadership of Ch Shujat Hussain and Ch Parvez Elahi, he pledged to work sincerely and devotedly for making Muslim League more strong and effective in district Vehari.
I am thankful to PPP leadership and our allies for reposing confidence in me," Malik, accompanied by MQM ministers, spoke to newsmen at the office of provincial election commission soon after the official announcement of his success.
ISLAMABAD -- Senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)Shaukat Basra on Thursday thanked the people for reposing confidence in the candidate of his party contesting by-elections in Multan.
Abdul Ghafoor thanked the members of the committee for reposing confidence in him by electing as chairman Standing committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges and assured the members that he would come up to their expectation and make the Committee purposeful.