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going to tell

 and going to tattle
a threat that one is going to report someone's misdeed to someone in authority. If you do that again, I'm going to tell! Sue just went to the teacher. She's going to tattle.
See also: going, tell

report about someone or something

to deliver information about someone or something. Isn't it time to report about Frank and how well he is doing? I want to report about the accident.
See also: report

report back

(on someone or something) to return with information or an explanation from someone or something. I need you to report back on Walter by noon. I'll report back as soon as I can.
See also: back, report

report back

 (to someone or something)
1. to go back to someone or something and present oneself. Report back to me at once! I'll report back immediately.
2. to present information or an explanation to someone or some group. Please report back to me when you have the proper information. I'll report back as soon as I have all the information.
See also: back, report

report for something

to present oneself for something. Please report for duty on Monday morning at eight o'clock sharp. I can't report for my examination at the time we agreed upon.
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report in

to present oneself; to make one's presence known. Please report in when you get back in town. He reported in and his name was taken off the absentee list.
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report in sick

to call one's office to say that one will not come to work because one is sick; to show up for work ill. (See also call in sick. Normally, one must be present to report in.) I don't feel well today. I will report in sick. The phone was busy, so I reported in sick by e-mail.
See also: report, sick

report something to someone

to present a body of information to someone. Please report the results to the supervisor. The event was reported to the proper person.
See also: report

report to someone or something

1. to present oneself to someone or an office. You must report to me for duty at noon. They told me to report to this office at this time.
2. to be supervised by someone or an office. When you start work here, you will report to Mrs. Franklin. I report directly to the home office.
3. to return to someone or an office and make a report. Please report to me when you have the results. If you have any more to say, please report to headquarters and tell the whole story.
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report (up)on someone or something

to present an explanation on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The detective visited Mrs. Jones to report upon Mr. Jones. I want to report on the events of the day. Do you have time to listen?
See also: on, report

on report

Subject to disciplinary action.
See also: on, report
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Local health officers, who investigate reportable diseases and implement control measures, follow the investigation, prevention and control guidelines in the West Virginia Reportable Disease Protocol Manual at www.
Finally, a series of reconciliations are potentially necessary for the total of the reportable segments' revenues, total profit or loss, total assets, total liabilities and other amounts disclosed, to corresponding amounts in the entity's financial statements.
The only way an incentive connected to a loan would be reportable is what was stated above: If the value of the award is at least $600, it is reportable on a 1099-MISC.
dermatitidis is more common than was thought before its removal from the list of reportable diseases in Ontario in 1989.
The act also creates a new penalty if a taxpayer understates the tax liability relating to a reportable transaction.
Without the historic layers of review, the contracting officer is now the sole individual responsible and accountable for ensuring the accuracy of all socioeconomic and other reportable information for each contract action at the time of award.
SembCorp Utilities Teesside's own employees achieved one-year reportable injury free in July.
Any one of six prescribed types of reportable transactions will now trigger disclosure, and the subjective exceptions are no longer available.
Institutions with small numbers of international students won't need to worry about a batch process, although they will still need to develop procedures for knowing when reportable changes have occurred.
A new line of calibration verification test sets, VALIDATE Products is intended for in vitro diagnostic use in quantitatively verifying calibration, validating reportable ranges, and determining linearity in automated, semi-automated and manual chemistry systems.
Next was Imesh with 474, 000 unique visitors, up 11 percent from April 2001, its first reportable month.
Identifying, collecting, and reporting dimensions and weights for selected reportable items of equipment; and
Mandated reporter laws use a broad definition of child abuse and provide little guidance to reporters about what is reportable and what is not.
The Environmental Protection Agency issued its final rule establishing the reportable quantity (RQ) for MDI at 5,000 pounds.
For instance, denial, revocation, or restriction of a physician's medical staff membership or clinical privileges is not reportable if it is based on such factors as a failure to comply with medical staff rules and regulations, as long as this failure does not affect a patient's health.
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