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report to (someone or something)

1. To present oneself to someone or appear at some location as instructed. I have to report to my parole officer every Friday afternoon. Please report to the center for immigration to renew your work permit.
2. To be under the authority or supervision of some person, office, group, or organization. With all due respect, I report to the president and no one else. Following the promotion, you will henceforth report to the company's global headquarters in Detroit.
3. To give a formal account of some information to some person, office, group, or organization. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "report" and "to." We are going to report our findings to the board of directors next week. Please report such complaints to the HR department.
4. To inform a person, office, or institution of authority of someone's bad or illegal behavior. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "report" and "to." I can't believe you reported me to the principal—I thought we were friends! The doctor reported his patient to the police.
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report something to someone

to present a body of information to someone. Please report the results to the supervisor. The event was reported to the proper person.
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report to someone or something

1. to present oneself to someone or an office. You must report to me for duty at noon. They told me to report to this office at this time.
2. to be supervised by someone or an office. When you start work here, you will report to Mrs. Franklin. I report directly to the home office.
3. to return to someone or an office and make a report. Please report to me when you have the results. If you have any more to say, please report to headquarters and tell the whole story.
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The plan all along was to create an annual report to raise awareness and maybe a few eyebrows at the same time.
If the attorney does not receive an appropriate response, however, he or she may have to report to the SEC.
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CEO Jim Will has many pluses to report to shareholders in his letter, including net income that rose 136 percent and earnings per share that nearly quadrupled.
In an October 1995 report to President Clinton, the EPA proposed measuring the amount of chemicals used in production processes and the amount shipped out as product or embedded within products.
Other insurers use "scoring" models from Fair, Isaac & Co., a San Rafael, California, firm that reduces the data on a credit report to a single score.
A major frustration encountered during the research phase of this study was finding a surprising dearth of research or literature on the usefulness of the annual report to the institutional investor.
It is simply unfair to report to the Data Bank cases that reflect so many intensely subjective factors rather than the quality of the care.
Depending on the amount of historical financial data a user wants to analyze, he or she may find it necessary to subscribe to EDGAR Online (, a Web site that offers--for a fee--access to all data public companies report to the SEC.
In many cases, service providers have simply refused to provide any internal control report to their customers--and again, user auditors haven't stepped up to demand them or require that they be allowed to conduct independent control tests at the service provider.
If no hate crime incidents occurred in their jurisdiction that quarter, the agency must still submit the Quarterly Hate Crime Report to report zero hate crime incidents.
Now, the audit client will be required to attach an internal control report to its SEC Form 10-K.
Section 521(b) of the 1999 legislation specifically required the Report to include information on approaches for sharing currency or other risks.
The annual report was born in 1823 when Baltimore Gas & Electric Company - BGE today - introduced a new corporate concept: the annual report to shareholders of publicly held companies.
The standing orders to perform investigations and report to counsel put the risk manager in the same category as a legal assistant to counsel or a private investigator.