report about

report about (someone or something)

To prepare or present a news report about a particular person, thing, or topic. When reporting about mental health issues, it is extremely important not to write or speak in a way that might offend or stigmatize someone. I've been assigned to report about the new prime minister.
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report about someone or something

to deliver information about someone or something. Isn't it time to report about Frank and how well he is doing? I want to report about the accident.
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Since statements are made throughout the report about how young Americans differ from older Americans (and therefore the profession should worry about the future of public libraries), the reader wants to know whether these persons not going to public libraries are disproportionately younger.
However, the accountant should be silent in the audit report about the review unless the interim financial information
The inspector general should be thinking, "Well, the president probably won't read my report about this problem, but I'd better really get to the bottom of it, because he might."