reply to

reply to (someone or something)

To offer an answer or response to someone or something. We must reply to this brutal dictatorship's actions with an equal display of force. There's no point replying to someone like him—the only thing he's hoping for is to stir up controversy.
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reply to someone or something

to give a response to someone or something. I replied to her already. There is no reason to do it again. I will reply to her letter as soon as I can.
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References in classic literature ?
'Head of the garrison,' said the stranger, in reply to Mr.
To hide a reply to your tweet, simply tap on the down arrow on the reply and select 'Hide Reply'.
The Presidential Election Petition Tribunal on Monday granted leave to President Muhammadu Buhari to amend his reply to the petition filed by the Peoples Democratic Party and its presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.
According to Hon, the application is targeted at two things: To strike out certain paragraphs of Jime's reply to the second respondent's reply to the petition and to strike out additional witness statement on oath in the petitioner's reply to the second respondent's reply to the petition.
Sources said the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) co-chairman submitted his reply to a questionnaire comprising 55 questions he was handed by the corruption watchdog during his appearance before it last month.
According to local news channel reports, Former president has submitted his reply to a questionnaire comprising 55 questions he was handed by the NAB during his appearance before it last month.
It's long been possible to reply to a particular comment within a group chat by long-pressing the comment and hitting reply, but this lets everyone in the group see what you've written.
LAHORE -- Former Pakistan Cricket Board chairman, Najam Sethi, on Friday issued another legal notice to the PCB after not being satisfied with the reply to the first notice he sent late last month in a case of defamation.
Justice Ali further remarked, 'We sought a detailed response and instead you submitted a one-page reply to simply fulfill your responsibility.'
So, whether motivated by these factors or, perhaps, the lack of a cogent opposition argument to reply to, some may elect to forego the option of filing a reply.
To a court query about filing his reply to the forensic report, Saad submitted that how could he file response to a 1000-page report.
The new Gmail has "Nudges," a feature that reminds users to reply to emails it deems important.
Reply said Valorem will allow Reply to further develop its business presence in the us, a global market for IT services.
The ECP member asked the PPP counsel to also provide copies of the reply to the applicants that is PTI counsel.