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reply to someone or something

to give a response to someone or something. I replied to her already. There is no reason to do it again. I will reply to her letter as soon as I can.
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a dusty answer


a dusty reply

If you ask for something or suggest something and you get a dusty answer or a dusty reply, you receive an unpleasant and negative answer. He asked three times to speak to the king, but each time received a dusty answer. Ask a world-class sportsman to spend several hours testing your product and you are likely to receive a dusty reply.
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a dusty answer

a curt and unhelpful reply. British
The source of this expression is probably a passage in George Meredith's Modern Love ( 1862 ): ‘Ah, what a dusty answer gets the soul when hot for certainties in this our life!’
See also: answer, dusty

a dusty ˈanswer

(old-fashioned, British English) an unhelpful or a sharp response to a request or question: When I asked the company what their policy was on this matter, I received a very dusty answer.
See also: answer, dusty
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Thus, when the appellee considers his or her options for responding to an inappropriate reply brief, the response should be tailored with oral argument in mind.
Source Authentication stays within the SMTP protocol and only requires that the sender reply to the e-mail.
Leave messages in your Sent folder until you receive your respondent's reply, enabling you to keep track of your communication.
But now I am at a loss as to how to reply to your question, because my answer would be significant had I had a lay upbringing.
No one, that is, except Carroll, who finally ended his self-imposed silence with a reply published on February 4th in the same anonymous "First Citizen"/"Second Citizen" format.
In his New Year's reply, Jefferson agreed with the sentiments expressed and went on to speak of the First Amendment's impact.
In addition, the word "following" in the government's reply brief does not mean "adhering to the reasoning of that case" or "applying the doctrine of stare decisis to reach a decision in a subsequent case on the basis of the decision in an earlier one.
She quoted from his reply, apparently already printed in the Herald, then related some of the same information contained in Mr.
I think the reason his reply is almost universally admired is that Church grouped together several wonderful human attributes, qualities, and emotions and reminded us how very important they are.
After the comments, reply comments and surreply comments (a reply to a reply, an additional step not often taken) are reviewed, the FCC can accept the plan as is or convene a new group to come up with a more acceptable ratings plan.
Instead of the appreciative response from the senator I hoped for, sharing my amusement at a weapon that appeared to be more dangerous to its gunners than to enemy tanks, and expressing a determination to monitor the defense budget more closely as a result, or a routine reply thanking me for my views and promising to keep them in mind, I received a letter that said:
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