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replenish (someone or something) with (something)

1. To refill something or make something complete again with some substance, supply, or commodity. A noun or pronoun is used between "replenish" and "with" (sometimes just a personal pronoun is used). We'll need to replenish our cupboards with food before the kids arrive home from college for the holidays. One thing I miss about American restaurants is having someone replenish me with coffee throughout the entirety of my meal. Over here, you have to pay for every single cup of coffee you drink. We'll need to replenish the squadrons with fresh troops before we can attempt another offensive.
2. To nourish, promote, or inspire someone or something with something. I make a point of sitting down once a week and replenishing my soul with classical music. My parents always replenish me with love, support, and positivity whenever I am around them.
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replenish something with something

to rebuild the supply of something with more of it. I will replenish the checking account with more money at the end of the month. Can I replenish your glass with more iced tea?
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The nutrients stored in each flexible gel pad are absorbed quickly into the delicate dermis around the eye, replenishing, moisturizing and drenching skin with deeply hydrating, super replenishing ingredients.
The range includes shampoos and conditioners, a replenishing treatment, wave creme, hair oil and a blow dry spray.
The bank regulator in China had informed commercial banks that they need to develop plans for replenishing capital and those with 'relatively low' capital ratios would face restrictions.
After years of sifting through thousands of bone marrow samples, California researchers announced this week that they have identified a candidate "pluripotent" human blood cell - the elusive, primordial cell thought to serve as a fount replenishing red and white blood cells throughout a person's life.
Weleda Citrus Replenishing Body Lotion, Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion, Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion and Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion (6.8 oz) will each retail for $16.50 and be available at Whole Foods, select natural health food stores and at
Winds from the north normally invade the Antarctic stratosphere in October and November, replenishing lost ozone before the most intense sunlight reaches the southern hemisphere.
At the core of the Elastin-rp product line is a twice-daily three-step regimen to rebuild elastin: Deep Cleansing Gel (Step 1); Intensive Treatment Serum (Step 2); and Replenishing Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and Replenishing Night Cream (Step 3).
Near the sun, ice from a comet's nucleus steadily vaporizes, replenishing the ever-dispersing coma.
The line contains five products, including Replenishing shampoo to cleanse while protecting, Daily Deep conditioner to replenish moisture through the strand and into the cortex, Daily Leave In conditioner for detangling and Replenishing finishing cream to lock moisture and style.
Replenishing their diets with silicon reversed these trends.
This allowed PEI molecules to remain mobile so that those on the surface could trade places with others underneath, effectively replenishing the surface until nearly every molecule had reacted.