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replenish (someone or something) with (something)

1. To refill something or make something complete again with some substance, supply, or commodity. A noun or pronoun is used between "replenish" and "with" (sometimes just a personal pronoun is used). We'll need to replenish our cupboards with food before the kids arrive home from college for the holidays. One thing I miss about American restaurants is having someone replenish me with coffee throughout the entirety of my meal. Over here, you have to pay for every single cup of coffee you drink. We'll need to replenish the squadrons with fresh troops before we can attempt another offensive.
2. To nourish, promote, or inspire someone or something with something. I make a point of sitting down once a week and replenishing my soul with classical music. My parents always replenish me with love, support, and positivity whenever I am around them.
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replenish something with something

to rebuild the supply of something with more of it. I will replenish the checking account with more money at the end of the month. Can I replenish your glass with more iced tea?
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The observed dust must therefore have come from some reservoir that continually replenishes the grains, Chen asserts.
* Antibiotic Antidote: Many people eat yogurt when they're taking antibiotics because they think it replenishes the good bacteria that are killed by the drugs.
Steady star formation, in contrast, constantly replenishes the supply of both types of supernovas.
At a snail's pace, it flows down to the sea, where it replenishes the parts of the ice sheet that break off.
While cadmium is usually depleted in the surface layers of the ocean, in certain areas, such as the eastern Pacific, water from the deep ocean rises and replenishes the nutrients and cadmium levels of the upper ocean.