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replenish (someone or something) with (something)

1. To refill something or make something complete again with some substance, supply, or commodity. A noun or pronoun is used between "replenish" and "with" (sometimes just a personal pronoun is used). We'll need to replenish our cupboards with food before the kids arrive home from college for the holidays. One thing I miss about American restaurants is having someone replenish me with coffee throughout the entirety of my meal. Over here, you have to pay for every single cup of coffee you drink. We'll need to replenish the squadrons with fresh troops before we can attempt another offensive.
2. To nourish, promote, or inspire someone or something with something. I make a point of sitting down once a week and replenishing my soul with classical music. My parents always replenish me with love, support, and positivity whenever I am around them.
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replenish something with something

to rebuild the supply of something with more of it. I will replenish the checking account with more money at the end of the month. Can I replenish your glass with more iced tea?
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Put the small BII funnel, NSN 724000-404-9793, in the hose and slowly add FRH, NSN 9150-00-111-6256, until the fluid level reaches the MIN LEVEL mark on the replenisher.
Replenisher must be stored in tanks so that it is continuously available as the processor needs it.
The test also indicates whether adjustments are required in the abrasive separator blast gate to the ventilating system, or to the metering system in the automatic abrasive replenisher. This important adjustment affects the efficiency of the blast machine, the degree and speed of cleaning, wear on the abrasive and machine parts and overall cost of operation.
The addition of Smoothing Cream to its Moisture Replenisher line offers consumers a heavier, leave-in treatment for reducing frizz and restoring shine without weighing down the hair, according to the company.
Check the replenisher level by raising the gun tube lo maximum elevation.
You can choose from Youth Activator, Lifting Line Smoother, Radiance Reviver, Moisture Replenisher, Skin Healer and Detox and Shine Stopper Emily asked me about my skin and skincare routine and it was decided to go for the Moisture Replenisher, which gives a boost to dry, dehydrated skin.
Don't get flaked out if you party round the clock, try Molton Brown's Moisture Lock 24-Hour Replenisher.
The group's Defence Systems is to produce 80 automatic 105mm ammunition replenisher systems for the M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System, which is worth around pounds 6.68 million.
Kodak Ektacolor Prime SP Developer Replenisher LORR, Kodak Ektacolor Prime Bleach-Fix and Replenisher LORR, and Kodak Ektacolor Prime Stabilizer and Replenisher LORR are each offered in packaging sizes to make 10 liters of solution.
With the mortar in the stowed position, slide the dipstick all the way into the replenisher port.
The makeover includes the reintroduction of five collections: Frizz Controller, Color Protector, Volume Builder, Repair & Renew and Moisture Replenisher.
The Infusion Keratin Replenisher utilizes advanced infusion technology to repair and revitalize hair during blow-drying and flat ironing, according to the company.
For dry skin, try: Molton Brown Moisture Lock 24hr Replenisher, pounds 29,