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replenish (someone or something) with (something)

1. To refill something or make something complete again with some substance, supply, or commodity. A noun or pronoun is used between "replenish" and "with" (sometimes just a personal pronoun is used). We'll need to replenish our cupboards with food before the kids arrive home from college for the holidays. One thing I miss about American restaurants is having someone replenish me with coffee throughout the entirety of my meal. Over here, you have to pay for every single cup of coffee you drink. We'll need to replenish the squadrons with fresh troops before we can attempt another offensive.
2. To nourish, promote, or inspire someone or something with something. I make a point of sitting down once a week and replenishing my soul with classical music. My parents always replenish me with love, support, and positivity whenever I am around them.
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replenish something with something

to rebuild the supply of something with more of it. I will replenish the checking account with more money at the end of the month. Can I replenish your glass with more iced tea?
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The bank said that it has replenished the level of its foreign reserves in order to provide foreign currency for importers.
Under the replenished programme, the company may repurchase Synopsys common stock with a market value up to USD500m.
Redcar and Cleveland said it still had good stocks of salt and they would be replenished this week to about 800 tonnes.
Eventually, LG hopes, households will be able to automatically order whatever needs to be replenished. The Internet fridge works with sensor technology similar to that of RFID.
Replenished by springs, its remarkably pure calm contents reflect the sky and almost untouched forested slopes (the surrounding area is a nature reserve).
The fund is replenished by a surcharge of $.50 per ton on garbage placed in Indiana's landfills.
The second was to realign budgets and monitor operations on a two-year cycle that not only stabilized, but also replenished, depleted reserves.
Once atoms with this range of separations are depleted, the population must be replenished by the movement of atoms, and that this is limited by their thermal velocity (about 0.5 mm/s in this case).
Sports drinks, however, can be beneficial during grueling physical activity lasting more than an hour because they are a source of carbohydrates that need to be replenished. They also help to rehydrate the body.
Lee Davisson, group leader of environmental chemistry and toxicology at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Health and Ecological Assessment Division, water dating is also important because it can give a much clearer picture of how quickly a groundwater supply is replenished and thus how heavily the supply can be used.
And I promised I will be good so it would be replenished on July.)
Scientists had long held that females are born with a supply of eggs in their ovaries that isn't replenished. However, Jonathan Tilly of Harvard Medical School in Boston and his colleagues reported in the July 29, 2005 Cell that stem cells from bone marrow continually flow to the ovaries and restock the supply of eggs.
The system architecture employs two clusters of eight bins, each with a ten cubic foot capacity, where ingredients are replenished into the bins through a bag break station on an elevated platform.