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replenish something with something

to rebuild the supply of something with more of it. I will replenish the checking account with more money at the end of the month. Can I replenish your glass with more iced tea?
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Any surplus is destined to replenish the state's budget stabilization, or "rainy day," fund, which contains about half the money mandated by statute.
Restore, Replenish, Renew is an interfaith, nondenominational program from a Christian perspective," Schonning explains.
On unpaved land, rainwater seeps through plants and soil to replenish groundwater.
Decisions to provide aid to credit unions by local governments and chambers of commerce and industry would be a key factor'' in motivating the government to help replenish such lenders' capital bases, Financial Services Agency (FSA) Commissioner Shoji Mori told a news conference.
And it's usually no big deal to replenish the water you lose to perspiration.
This case study looks at how Replenish has succeeded in developing an innovative eco-friendly household cleaning refill system that reduces the need for unnecessary packaging and cuts carbon emissions.
in 2010 - will debut a new flavor with aloe this March called Replenish.
With Pearl Drops Replenishing White you can Whiten AND Replenish Your Teeth, for Younger-Looking Natural, Brilliant Whiteness
Blood doesn't carry cells that replenish a female animal's supply of eggs, a new study suggests.
is introducing Citre Shine with Fresh Fusion, a line of value-priced hair care products designed to revitalize normal hair, nourish and protect colored or permed hair and replenish dry and damaged hair.
That system, together with an increasingly paved and developed urban environment, means there is little time or space for rainwater to percolate into soil and replenish underground water tables.
By determining water age at specific points in a hydrologic system, Plummer says, it is possible to estimate how quickly an aquifer can replenish itself.
The secret is the exclusive BioLastin Complex, a combination of essential bioactive nutrients that help stimulate the skin's ability to replenish elastin and collagen.