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replace someone or something by someone or something

 and replace someone or something with someone or something
to remove someone or something and add someone or something in place of the first. The manager replaced two workers by a machine. Walter replaced his old lawn mower with a newer one.
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replace laundry tub and cabinet including all plumbing
Outside of the fridge, you should replace any canned beans with beans that are cooked at home (and frozen for easy access).
The customer still has the option of leaving these parts in, but doing so would mean a return trip to replace the parts just weeks or months later once they have run their course.
If it breaks, you must replace the whole valve using the procedure in Para 3.
For example, some yards replace many liners at one time, reducing overall downtime, while other yards will change liners as they have to be changed," he says.
Most of that problem has been solved with the toilets available today, so don't hesitate to replace them one more time to get it right.
Replace ": it must be less than that based on a sum.
It recommends the best four-week period to replace a specific vehicle.
NAYLOR: A customer's decision to replace a legacy control system typically revolves around increased cost of ownership to continue to service and maintain the older legacy system, the need to be able to do more with their system in terms of plant performance and third party application integration, and a recent trend by vendors to declare their legacy systems "end-of-life" forcing customers no alternative but to replace their older system with a newer one.
Continuing interest in replacing exterior auto body panels was fed by new thermoplastics from DuPont and Bayer intended to replace steel or thermosets.
Drumheller believes that the failure to replace cartilage and bone is "akin to malpractice," this issue is unsettled in our literature even to this day.
GOMER JONES, on the real reason he was replacing Bud Wilkinson at Oklahoma: "After all the trouble Oklahoma had replacing a diety like Bud, I want to make it very easy for them to replace the guy who replaced Bud.
Long ago, with the release of hard disk drive media, business leaders, technologists and the media declared that disks would eventually replace tape in every possible application and environment.
But what I need to replace is a bunch of asterisks in an Excel worksheet and replace them with some data.
Hoping to replace failing gyroscopes on the Hubble Space Telescope before the orbiting observatory develops a bad case of the jitters, NASA is planning to launch an emergency repair mission this October.