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replace someone or something by someone or something

 and replace someone or something with someone or something
to remove someone or something and add someone or something in place of the first. The manager replaced two workers by a machine. Walter replaced his old lawn mower with a newer one.
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When the time arises to replace worn shredder parts, operators should take care to make sure they're shopping smart and getting the most for their money.
Remedy: clean and seal or replace the ducts, and service or replace the furnace.
NAYLOR: A customer's decision to replace a legacy control system typically revolves around increased cost of ownership to continue to service and maintain the older legacy system, the need to be able to do more with their system in terms of plant performance and third party application integration, and a recent trend by vendors to declare their legacy systems "end-of-life" forcing customers no alternative but to replace their older system with a newer one.
Continuing interest in replacing exterior auto body panels was fed by new thermoplastics from DuPont and Bayer intended to replace steel or thermosets.
Of course it's easy for me to have a strong belief that disk will replace tape since our company motto is, "replace tape with disk.
Thus, if you want to find all the 4s in a worksheet, even when some of the cells contain multiple numbers such as 34 and 44, you evoke Find and Replace and enter *4 in Find what:.
Theophilou appointed to replace Nicos Agathocleous.
Hoping to replace failing gyroscopes on the Hubble Space Telescope before the orbiting observatory develops a bad case of the jitters, NASA is planning to launch an emergency repair mission this October.
The results of the physical properties revealed foundry sand probably cannot replace regular concrete sand in its entirety.
Low-income households may also qualify for an additional payout of $2,000 if they choose to replace their vehicle with a used, certified low- emission vehicle.
They also regularly check, tighten, and if necessary, replace the climbing holds.
Interest in composite hot cups to replace EPS and paper is intense, says John Nevling, EarthShell's director of product management.
Then, by designing the secondary heat system differently, medium temperature (70[degrees]C-100[degrees]C) heat can be made available and used in the plant to replace live steam through process modification, thus further decreasing fuel consumption.
What I mean by that is that, just as Fibre Channel replaced SCSI, iSCSI will most likely replace Fibre Channel.
As the wings are diving, the corners (3 and 5) are v-cutting to replace 2 and 4 on the wings.