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as a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly

Foolish people are apt to repeat their missteps. A: "I can't believe Sarah is going skiing again, after she broke her leg the last time." B: "Well, as a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."
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History repeats itself.

Prov. The same kinds of events seem to happen over and over. It seems that history is about to repeat itself for that poor country; it is about to be invaded again. Alan: The country is headed for an economic depression. Jane: How do you know? Alan: History repeats itself. The conditions now are just like the conditions before the last major depression.
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repeat oneself

Express oneself in the same way or with the same words, as in Grandma forgets she has told us this story before and repeats herself over and over, or This architect tends to repeat himself-all his houses look alike. A well-known version of this idiom is the proverb History repeats itself, first recorded (in English) in 1561. For example, Her mother also married when she was 18-history repeats itself. [Mid-1800s]
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Accurate and repeatable timing is critical to allow type A and M durometers to provide consistent and comparable results.
This management brief presents detailed analyses of a wide variety of current solutions offerings that adhere to the repeatable solution lifecycle.
The advantage of the alternating polarity method is that it is sufficiently repeatable to permit investigation of the dependence of the sample on temperature, pressure, humidity, additives, processing or other parameters.
The end user can now do 'CAD to Part' repeatable alignments, digitize by time and distance to speed up the inspection process, 'best fit planes' and probe compensation to accurately measure features for inspection as well as a multitude of advanced reverse engineering tasks.
Zycus Acquisition Spend Analysis (Zycus ASA) automates the spend analysis process end-to-end, and makes spend analysis a repeatable, best practices process, thus helping maximize the return from federal strategic sourcing initiatives and facilitating progress reporting to the OFPP/OMB.
1, Open Country customers leveraging the high-performance Itanium 2 platform will be assured of efficient, repeatable and centralized management for all their Linux-based IT systems.
Movaris is committed to helping financial organizations reduce the costs and complexity of establishing and implementing a repeatable, documented process for internal controls testing and management," stated Eric Keller, CEO at Movaris.
The vendors highlighted in this year's report are striving to make software development more measurable, repeatable and easily managed.
For these users, a comprehensive application lifecycle management solution is essential because it provides the defined, repeatable, measurable and traceable process for every stage of application development.
AMP also provides Operators with the ability to design and run repeatable procedures, automate responses, and simultaneously update records in multiple enterprise management systems (e.
Validated test cases can be easily saved and reused as libraries of regression test suites creating a comprehensive, repeatable software test process for embedded systems development teams.