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repay someone by something

to recompense someone by doing something; to settle a debt with someone by doing something. I will repay you by cutting your lawn free for a year. How's that? Can I repay you by taking you to dinner?
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repay someone for something

to remunerate someone for doing something. I refused to repay him for his excessive expenses. She was repaid for her kindness many times over.
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repay someone with something

to remunerate someone with something. The farmer's wife repaid the plumbers with fresh eggs and cream. We were repaid with fresh eggs from the farm.
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Income-driven repayment plans allow eligible borrowers to lower their monthly federal student loan payments to as low as ten percent of the borrower s discretionary income.
With no deposit and no repayments for the first three months, the remaining 44 repayments would be PS219 with an optional final repayment of PS4,703.
Angus MacNeil SNP Na h-Eileanan An Iar Overpaid council tax Repayment recommended: pounds 133.
Former and new principal repayment plans for Turkey's current debt stock to IMF are as follows:
It also characterized the obligation to repay amounts if minimum purchases were not made as a contingent repayment obligation that would not operate to defer income recognition.
If the advances occur at the end of the year and the repayment occurs shortly after the start of the next year, the IRS may argue the advance is a sham to generate a tax loss and disregard the entire transaction.
Loan consolidation programs--help make repayment easier to manage and free up cash each month.
Erin Korsvall, spokeswoman for Sallie Mae, offers a few tips for taking the pain out of repayment.
The bank maintained, its repayment was permissible because it used the money to pay its properly recorded, secured loans, which were superior to plaintiff's claims pursuant to the Lien Law's statutory priority provisions.
In other words, the student's monthly repayment is set according to his ability to pay.
Although one in five people given student loans while attending College of the Canyons have defaulted on their repayment, the campus improved its status and thus remained eligible for the federal program.
This report attempts to compile data and information on the extent and characteristics of early repayment, to discover the underlying factors motivating early repayment and to uncover options available to financial institutions in reaction to early repayment of personal loans.
Consequently, the last repayment of 2014 will be settled on 23 December, with the corresponding repayment amount announced on 19 December.
A) and loyalty management company Groupe Aeroplan Inc (TSX:AER) have received repayment of Air Canada's credit facility, the two firms said on Tuesday.
However, many MPs are quietly furious at Legg for "changing the rules" and demanding repayment of items such as cleaning and gardening, which were within the guidelines.