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repay someone by something

to recompense someone by doing something; to settle a debt with someone by doing something. I will repay you by cutting your lawn free for a year. How's that? Can I repay you by taking you to dinner?
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repay someone for something

to remunerate someone for doing something. I refused to repay him for his excessive expenses. She was repaid for her kindness many times over.
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repay someone with something

to remunerate someone with something. The farmer's wife repaid the plumbers with fresh eggs and cream. We were repaid with fresh eggs from the farm.
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Since earlier this year, Lloydshare has been repositioning its well-known brand by launching their Loyalty Repayment Plan.
Alternatively, customers also have the option of forgoing the repayment holiday and instead lowering their monthly payments, resulting in a deposit of PS199 and 47 repayments of PS199 for the Fiat 500L 1.
Frank Roy Lab Motherwell & Wishaw Overpaid mortgage interest Repayment recommended: pounds 545.
Director-general Michael Coogan said: "Now is a good opportunity for borrowers on interest-only mortgages to switch to repayment mortgages to use this period of low interest rates to start to pay down their loans,"
The example explains that the reason the $400 is not income is that (like a loan) the money is encumbered with a repayment obligation.
The taxpayers argued that debt basis is determined at the end of each year; thus, they could deduct the losses and treat the repayments as nontaxable.
Repayment incentives-several programs/options that save families money.
The Lien Law incorporates a mechanism for trustees to alert beneficiaries to the distribution of trust assets in repayment of advances made by lenders.
Well since these loans may involve long repayment periods that make them potentially less secure and profitable, banks are unlikely to provide them without an incentive.
During the 1993-94 school year that coincides with the 20 percent default rate, 40 federal student loans were up for repayment.
However, many MPs are quietly furious at Legg for "changing the rules" and demanding repayment of items such as cleaning and gardening, which were within the guidelines.
Sallie Mae Offers Money-Saving Options, Flexible Plans and Student Loan Consolidation for Customers Entering Repayment
Stan insisted on a market interest rate of 8% and monthly payments that will result in full repayment over 10 years.
Loan consolidation programs-help make repayment easier to manage and free up cash each month.