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repatriate to (some place)

1. To return to one's country of origin, especially on a permanent basis. After living abroad for nearly four years, I decided to repatriate to Canada to spend more time with my family. She says she has no intention of repatriating to Australia now that she's been granted permanent residency here.
2. To return someone or someone's body to their country of origin. They agreed not to press criminal charges for violating the terms of my tourist visa, but they told me they'd be repatriating me to France by the end of the week. The government finally agreed to repatriate the prisoner's remains to his home country.
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repatriate someone to some place

to restore one to one's country of origin. He asked that they repatriate him to the land of his birth. She was repatriated to her homeland.
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Aselta: I appreciate each company's tax circumstances are specific to them, but is there any general advice that you would give to companies interested in repatriating cash at this time?
corporations responded strongly to this incentive, by repatriating over $300 billion in earnings from foreign subsidiaries; see Graham, "U.S.
Daim said the requirement for foreign investors to hold their capital for a year before repatriating it "has contributed significantly to the stability of the economy." In announcing the graduated levy, the government said a levy of 30% will be imposed on capital brought in before Feb.
Upon [my] repatriating, my business judgment is much less valued and unless firms change, expatriates should expect the worst when coming home to avoid disappointment.
She also lashed out at the Chinese government for sending the North Koreans who had defected to the country back to Kim Jon Un's harsh regime and urged them to stop repatriating defectors.
'Both the children had crossed LOC mistakenly as there is no clear demarcation of the line in mountainous area and villagers alongside often do this but Indian troops despite repatriating them had arrested the innocent boys,' Qadir told a news conference here Friday at his office.
A health facilitation centre has also been established for the repatriating tribesmen at Kor Camp where arrangements have been made to administer anti-polio vaccines to children.
Repatriating profits Apple is in focus because of its $145 billion cash stockpile, much of it offshore.