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repatriate to (some place)

1. To return to one's country of origin, especially on a permanent basis. After living abroad for nearly four years, I decided to repatriate to Canada to spend more time with my family. She says she has no intention of repatriating to Australia now that she's been granted permanent residency here.
2. To return someone or someone's body to their country of origin. They agreed not to press criminal charges for violating the terms of my tourist visa, but they told me they'd be repatriating me to France by the end of the week. The government finally agreed to repatriate the prisoner's remains to his home country.
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repatriate someone to some place

to restore one to one's country of origin. He asked that they repatriate him to the land of his birth. She was repatriated to her homeland.
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It was always assumed that on arrival repatriates would work and support themselves, even if diaspora organizations helped raise funds to pay for the passage of "needy" repatriates to Armenia.
According to Makela (2007) repatriates exhibit a greater degree of shared cognitive grounds.
"The Labour Ministry is at the final stage of examining this law, it will discuss the bill with the Finance Ministry and very soon, the government will submit a bill that offers solutions to a big problem that is faced by repatriates, our compatriots, who arrive mainly from South Africa and receive no pension or other public benefit," said Fakontis.
''The dissatisfaction of the repatriates with the North Korean authorities was reaching the limit of their patience.
It is important to note that the key issue here is the repatriates' perceptions.
Figure 1 shows the contribution to population growth of natural increase, repatriates from all overseas possessions, and foreigners.(1)
The repatriates, composed of 89 females, 27 males and nine children arrived from Dubai Sunday morning (August 26) aboard a Philippine Airlines flight.
Finally, most research on expectations and commitment has focused on work-related expectations, even though nonwork variables may be significant, especially in the case of expatriates and repatriates. We would expect, for example, that repatriates who were positively surprised by their home and living conditions would exhibit the highest levels of commitment to their organizations and work units, since their positive surprise would most likely stem from the corporate support they have received through compensation, benefits, and so on (see Table 2).
The first batch of 100 repatriates went back home last August 16 of this year.
The Filipino repatriates are from Zamboanga, South Cotabato and Davao City, the Presidential Communications Office said.
According to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), the Filipino repatriates will be arriving on Christmas eve at the Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport at 3:10 p.m.
The repatriates were welcomed by Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.