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repatriate to (some place)

1. To return to one's country of origin, especially on a permanent basis. After living abroad for nearly four years, I decided to repatriate to Canada to spend more time with my family. She says she has no intention of repatriating to Australia now that she's been granted permanent residency here.
2. To return someone or someone's body to their country of origin. They agreed not to press criminal charges for violating the terms of my tourist visa, but they told me they'd be repatriating me to France by the end of the week. The government finally agreed to repatriate the prisoner's remains to his home country.
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repatriate someone to some place

to restore one to one's country of origin. He asked that they repatriate him to the land of his birth. She was repatriated to her homeland.
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Neither archives nor repatriates' memoirs (which hardly shy away from criticism of the Soviet system) testify to such a systematic campaign to equalize repatriate and native by divesting repatriates of their belongings.
These findings extend current literature on the value of mentors as 'agents' to aid post repatriation career decision alignment to knowledge and learning, the criticality of structured systems and processes that underpin a pro-active stance on repatriate knowledge transfer and the challenges facing MNCs in balancing strategic and tactical thinking where repatriate knowledge transfer is concerned.
In 2005, Invitrogen plans to repatriate $115 million and Millipore announced that it will repatriate $500 million in 2005.
For some types of assignments, another approach to increase repatriate retention rates would be to shorten the length of the assignment.
* freeze assets at the request of the United States and lift the freeze to enable the witness defendant to repatriate the assets to the United States;
Cultural and climatic considerations had a large influence on the repatriates' choice of region, which was independent of local unemployment and wage rates.
Filippo Grandi said more Afghan refugees are also ready to repatriate to Afghanistan.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday said it has been co-operating with Malaysian and Vietnamese authorities to repatriate 18 Cambodians who were found working illegally in the two countries.
According to the report available with The Nation, a list suggested 33 such employees including 25 from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, six from Federal Government Services Hospital, Polyclinic and one from National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine to repatriate to their parent departments as their absorption was against the rules.
MUZAFFARABAD -- Speaker Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) legislative Assembly Shah Ghulam Qadir has called upon the Ministry of Foreign affairs and human rights organizations to help repatriate two school going boys of his constituency from Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) who had mistakenly crossed Line of Control (LOC) few days back in Neelum Valley and were caught by Indian Army.
Global Banking News-April 13, 2015--Turkey under no pressure to repatriate gold
"So, to repatriate a body, we have to shell out around OMR350.
March 21, 2013 (KHARTOUM) -- Zain Sudan has been able to repatriate a portion of its operating profit abroad in 2012, a senior banking official told Sudan Tribune today.
"So we have asked the Labour Ministry to examine the possibility of reducing the years that are demanded for residence in Cyprus -- meaning the 20 years -- so a repatriate from South Africa can be entitled to a social pension," said Fakontis.