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repatriate to (some place)

1. To return to one's country of origin, especially on a permanent basis. After living abroad for nearly four years, I decided to repatriate to Canada to spend more time with my family. She says she has no intention of repatriating to Australia now that she's been granted permanent residency here.
2. To return someone or someone's body to their country of origin. They agreed not to press criminal charges for violating the terms of my tourist visa, but they told me they'd be repatriating me to France by the end of the week. The government finally agreed to repatriate the prisoner's remains to his home country.
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repatriate someone to some place

to restore one to one's country of origin. He asked that they repatriate him to the land of his birth. She was repatriated to her homeland.
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The heightened significance of loss in these narratives may be related to the previous experiences of repatriate families during the Armenian genocide.
Drawing from the initial analysis, there were three principle themes that emerged repeatedly within the assignee and the human resources cohort respectively: a mixed view of the value of mentoring/sponsorship program in practice which is aimed at undergirding post repatriation role decision-making; the absence of principally formal processes and systems to facilitate the use of learning and knowledge from repatriate experience; and finally the tactical use of international assignments in place of a more strategic stance on knowledge sharing and transfer following repatriation.
corporations took advantage of the unique opportunity to repatriate earnings at nominal tax cost under Sec.
The company noted in its second quarter SEC filing that it did not expect to repatriate funds.
This suggests that if the potential repatriation problems are considered, and appropriately addressed, by the MNC in advance, repatriate turnover will occur less often (Harvey, 1989).
enforce a United States forfeiture order and repatriate the assets;
real estate assets to repatriate capital to Japan," Rodman said.
The repatriate variable is expressed as a proportion of the labor force in 1968.
The visit was part of the GHAs extensive Visiting Consultants Programme, which continues to develop further, in a bid to repatriate as many treatments as possible.
Muscat: Relatives of a Pakistani contractor, who was found dead in his room in Wadi Adai on Thursday night, are waiting for the police to complete the probe before they can repatriate his body to Pakistan.
Meet Ashraf Thamraserry, 38, who has in a decade and half worked for different nationalities selflessly and tirelessly to repatriate 2,000 bodies to their homes.
April 6, 2013 (ADDIS ABABA) -- The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office in Ethiopia has rejected a media report claiming arrangements have been made to repatriate some 33,000 Sudanese refugees from camps in Ethiopia.
Valeriano, Philippine Consul-General in Dubai, said that the department authorised the consulate to repatriate 35 workers.
Lahore, July 12 ( ANI ): The United States has refused to repatriate 32 Pakistanis detained at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan, a director in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has said.