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beyond help

Unable to be helped, improved, or repaired. That fence is beyond help—you're better off tearing it down and putting up a new one. Here at the center, we don't believe that anyone is beyond help.
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beyond repair

Irreparably damaged or harmed, without any possibility of being fixed. Unfortunately, the mechanic says that my engine is beyond repair. If you don't tell him the truth before he hears it from someone else, your relationship will be ruined beyond repair.
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in good/poor/etc. state of repair

In a certain state or condition, as specified by the adjective used before "state of repair." Primarily heard in UK. It's a beautiful house, but the heating system is in very poor state of repair. The manuscript is in remarkably good state of repair, considering its age.
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in good/poor/etc. repair

In a certain state or condition, as specified by the adjective used before "repair." Primarily heard in UK. It's a beautiful house, but the heating system is in very poor repair. The manuscript is in remarkably good repair, considering its age.
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repair to (some place)

1. To go or betake oneself to some place. We repaired to the drawing room for some aperitifs before dinner. The two presidents repaired to a private meeting room following the press conference.
2. To frequent some place; to go to some place often. The group of CEOs repair to the same restaurant for lunch every Friday to discuss business strategies.
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*beyond help

 and *beyond repair
beyond the help of anything; not able to be fixed. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) The poor dog that was hit by a truck is beyond help. This old car is beyond repair.
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in good repair

Fig. operating well; well taken care of. (Usually said of a thing rather than a person.) The house is in good repair and ought to attract a number of potential buyers. If the car were in good repair, it would run more smoothly.
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repair to some place

to move oneself to some place. I will repair to my room until the crisis is over. She repaired to a safe place for the duration of the storm.
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beyond reˈpair

impossible to repair: The engine was damaged beyond repair.
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in good, bad, etc. reˈpair

(also in a good, bad, etc. state of reˈpair) (formal) in good, bad, etc. condition: The house is in a terrible state of repair.If it were in a better state of repair, this old table would be worth a lot of money.
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repair to

To move oneself to some place; go somewhere: The lawyers repaired to the judge's chamber for further discussion.
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The preamble does not discuss which if any definitions of unit of property for network assets were considered during the drafting process, potentially including the standard applied for purposes of the CLADR repair allowance rules under Treas.
This study supports the theory that deficits in DNA repair capacity are associated with higher susceptibility of breast cancer development.
Furthermore, the actual repair of the condition will be done with the DOB looking over your shoulder.
In Ingram, before the court could determine whether towboat engine maintenance could be deducted as a repair expense, it first had to determine whether the appropriate unit of property was the towboat or the engine.
Estimated Shipping Date (ESD) accuracy is an objective metric in the PROS II contract, the contractor must ship the repair part or complete the maintenance action within thirty days of the estimated shipping
The shops had to meet a certain financial grade and pass a certain number of repair audits in order to reach this level, Kent said.
Their choice was not simply the result of political acquiescence to repair shop lobbyists.
While shoe repairs for men cost more, it's estimated that women generate 60% of total revenues for shoe repair shops.
Says Britt, "We know much about DNA repair and mutation in bacteria, some animals, even humans, but virtually nothing in flowering plants," largely because higher plants have stubbornly resisted scientists' attempts to generate DNA-report-defective mutants.
While this rule sounds simple enough, its application is not; the question of whether a specific expenditure is a deductible repair or a capital improvement is not nearly so clear and depends on the facts and circumstances of each situation.
Many people in the foundry industry use gun refractory materials to repair the furnace," said William Dornan, foundry general foreman at Commercial Intertech.