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repay someone by something

to recompense someone by doing something; to settle a debt with someone by doing something. I will repay you by cutting your lawn free for a year. How's that? Can I repay you by taking you to dinner?
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repay someone for something

to remunerate someone for doing something. I refused to repay him for his excessive expenses. She was repaid for her kindness many times over.
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repay someone with something

to remunerate someone with something. The farmer's wife repaid the plumbers with fresh eggs and cream. We were repaid with fresh eggs from the farm.
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From an emotional point of view there is still some regret from me the money is being repaid but from a business point of view it was right thing to do.
The company already repaid the Flemish government EUR 1.
A life assurance policy/mortgage protection that has been written in trust is outwith the deceased's estate and if the property is passed to the next generation still encumbered by the mortgage, which is subsequently repaid using the proceeds of the life assurance/mortgage protection policy, the debt would not have been repaid out of the estate and therefore is not deductible for the purpose of valuing the deceased's estate.
Advertising: With a median salary of $107,950, student loans can be repaid in 6 years.
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has repaid the remaining Dh2.
While loans need to be repaid in a mutually-agreed-upon period, some banks issue notices to borrowers after the latter default on repayment immediately after losing their jobs.
6 billion and that the NBAD had already repaid Dh2.
Though current graduates' smaller loans mean they're repaid early, so after that it flips the other way.
Richard Burden (Lab Northfield): Repaid pounds 458.
To study the differential perception of the respondents with varying repayment history-fully repaid, partially repaid and not at all repaid.
The remainder of the $45 billion would be repaid through $26.
However, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development did not support this proposal, but agreed that the loan will be repaid within 10 years starting from March 2009.
Further, there was consistent payment of a fixed, reasonable interest rate; a significant portion of the advances were repaid not from corporate profits, but from other loans; and the taxpayer used the advances for its operations.
Indmar, in turn, made regular monthly interest payments to the shareholders based on an annual interest rate of 10% and also repaid various amounts to them.
Yesterday Selkirk Sheriff Court heard she had already repaid pounds 1,500 of the money.