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rent from (one)

1. To occupy the property of another person or company in return for an amount of money, typically fixed by contract and paid in regular intervals. I'm so tired of renting from greedy landlords and realtors. I've got a family renting from me while I work in Japan for the next year.
2. To obtain the use something that belongs to another person or company in return for an amount of money. We're going to rent bikes from the shop next to our hostel and take them around the city tomorrow. A local artist is renting some studio space from me at the moment.
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rent out

To agree to allow someone to use something or occupy some place temporarily for payment or a series of payments. A noun or pronoun can be used between "rent" and "out." After business started declining, we began renting out our warehouses to help supplement our revenue stream. We also offer to rent the equipment out on daily, monthly, or yearly rates.
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slang One's parents. A shortening of "parentals," meaning the same. I'll have to check with my rentals if I can borrow the car for the evening. A: "Hopefully the rentals will be asleep by the time we get back." B: "Don't call them your rentals, dude. You sound like a dweeb."
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rent out

To grant temporary occupancy or use of some property or some service to someone in exchange for regular payments: I rented out the extra room over the garage to a college student. My parents rented our cabin out to one of my cousins.
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n. one’s parents. (see also (parental) units. Also a term of address.) Hey, rentals, let’s go out for dinner.


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If Manhattan's rents were sampled similarly, the city would have occupied the second spot on the list in front of second place Tokyo's $145.68 per s/f rate.
Practice tip: The deductibility of rents between related parties is essentially determined by the facts and circumstances; thus, it is wise for the member and the LLC to build evidence at the onset of the lease to support the reasonableness of the rent called for in the lease agreement.
Even though the new flat rents will be more than the old ceiling rents, those families will continue to pay 30 percent of their incomes.
First, each rental agreement must be examined to determine whether or not it is a "section 467 rental agreement." Generally, a section 467 rental agreement is a "rental agreement" that has either "increasing or decreasing rents" or "deferred or prepaid rents."(3) A "rental agreement" is defined as any agreement, whether written or oral, that provides for the use of tangible property and is treated as a lease for federal tax purposes.(4)
In the older settled districts and close to towns, cash rents were common.
* An option to renew at rents significantly less than the amounts in the original lease's later years.
Despite his salary of $70,000, he qualified for a roughly $1,000 discount in rent for his one-bedroom Manhattan apartment.
The extensive property damage in Santa Monica illustrates one of the underlying problems of heavily rent-controlled housing markets: Why should landlords bother to repair or rebuild properties rented out at below-market levels?
Rents on Seventh Avenue in Midtown rose 42 percent to $479 per square foot and the price per square foot on West 42nd Street soared 50 percent to $300.
If the rental agreement is a disqualified leaseback or long-term agreement that has increasing or decreasing rents, a principal purpose of which is tax avoidance, the fixed rent for each rental period is redefined as the constant rental amount.
Overall asking rents were $26.45 per square foot on average, up from $26.36 in the first quarter and $25.80 in the 2005 second quarter.
These amounts reflected 39%-49% occupancy rates; most of the units examined had lease agreements under SSP's second plan, under which the owners received 50% of the gross rents. The expert concluded that the $21,000 received by the Razavis was a fair rental for the condominium for a year.
Capitalization rates will remain the lowest for rent-regulated apartment buildings, where rents are far below market levels."
A significant tax savings opportunity can arise if a taxpayer rents out his personal residence (e.g., due to acceptance of a temporary work assignment away from home) while making payments on a mortgage on the property.
According to the just-released national Studley Effective Rent Index 2006 (SERI), total rents, tenant effective rents, and landlord effective rents all showed marked increases as 2005 drew to a close.