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rent boy

A boy or young man who is a prostitute. Primarily heard in UK. The young man was taken from his parents and forced to work overseas as a rent boy.
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rent something from someone

to pay someone for the use of something. We rented a small car from one of the rental agencies. They rented a house from a local realtor.
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rent something (out) (to someone)

to sell temporary rights for the use of something to someone. I rented the back room out to a nice young student. We rented the back room to someone. For how long did you rent it out? Let's rent out the garage.

rent out

To grant temporary occupancy or use of some property or some service to someone in exchange for regular payments: I rented out the extra room over the garage to a college student. My parents rented our cabin out to one of my cousins.
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low rent

1. n. a low person; someone without grace or spirit. (Also a rude term of address.) Look, low rent, where is what you owe me?
2. mod. cheap; unfashionable. This place is strictly low rent.
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room for rent

n. a person who acts very stupid. (Also a term of address. This implies that one’s head is so empty of brains that the space could be rented out.) My brother is a room for rent if I ever saw one. What a dope!
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for rent

Available for use or service in return for payment.
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The cases presented above illustrate how throughout their lives farm owners rented out their farms in response to financial or family crises, and in doing so maintained their equity, raised some income, achieved some freedom to try their luck elsewhere, retained their status as landowners, and held the estate together until such time as they chose to sell or hand over the farm to someone else.
Essentially the Cox family created two small settlements of rented farms - one on the waterfront near Colborne and the second further inland.
and his family first rented a partially cleared waterfront lot in 1825 from Joseph Keeler, landowner and speculator in several properties.
56) From the late 1830s to the mid 1840s then, the Cox's rented 400 acres in the neighbourhood of the third and fifth concessions, lots 22-25, and at various times supported the current and future interests of at least five different branches of the family.
As owners aged they rented out their farm to their son or sold the property to him and became tenants on it themselves.
The first stage was a testing period where the father owned or rented the land and made all the decisions and the son contributed his labour.
5 (h)(5) states that "a housing accommodation that was subject to this code or rented to a new tenant after any such plan has been declared effective, and a closing thereunder has occurred, such housing accommodation Shall not be subject to this code.
The problems the experts predict have already been experienced in Westchester, where some cooperative and condominium units owned by sponsors and individual owners rented prior to July 7, 1993 are still subject to full stabilization protection and renewals under the Emergency Tenant Protection Act (ETPA).
According to Jeff Hanley, executive director of the Cooperative and Condominium Advisory Council of the Building and Realty Institute of Westchester, the law adopted on July 7, 1993 removed all Westchester cooperative units rented after that date from ETPA, i.
280A(d) required the Razavis to count only the number of days SSP subleased the condominium to third parties as days when it was rented at "fair rental"; under this standard, they exceeded the 10% personal use.
280A(d) as days for which the unit is rented at fair rental.
He was paid a limited amount for each day it was available for rent and a larger amount for each day it was rented to third parties.
However, the Razavis received the same payment, regardless of whether their unit was rented to third parties.
Since the law went into effect, however, he has rented two.
Rent Control cases have been decided in favor of the higher rent, Forstadt said, after owners rented to family members at a discounted rent and sought to bring up a new tenant Forstadt said the new legal rent was found to be dependent on "what was the legal rent.