rend from (someone or something)

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rend from (someone or something)

To rip or tear something away from or off of someone or something in a violent, forceful manner. ("Rend" conjugates to either "rent" or, less commonly, "rended" in the past tense and past participle.) Doctors had to rend the clothes from the victim before the chemicals could cause any further damage. I nearly rent the hair from my head in anger. She rended the incriminating pages from the notebook and threw them in the fire.
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rend something from someone or something

to tear something from someone or something. (The past tense and past participle are rent.) Harry rent the burning clothing from the man who had just fled from the burning building. I will rend these dirty old clothes from my body and shower.
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rent something from someone

to pay someone for the use of something. We rented a small car from one of the rental agencies. They rented a house from a local realtor.
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