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rent boy

A boy or young man who is a prostitute. Primarily heard in UK. The young man was taken from his parents and forced to work overseas as a rent boy.
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rent something from someone

to pay someone for the use of something. We rented a small car from one of the rental agencies. They rented a house from a local realtor.
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rent something (out) (to someone)

to sell temporary rights for the use of something to someone. I rented the back room out to a nice young student. We rented the back room to someone. For how long did you rent it out? Let's rent out the garage.

rent out

To grant temporary occupancy or use of some property or some service to someone in exchange for regular payments: I rented out the extra room over the garage to a college student. My parents rented our cabin out to one of my cousins.
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low rent

1. n. a low person; someone without grace or spirit. (Also a rude term of address.) Look, low rent, where is what you owe me?
2. mod. cheap; unfashionable. This place is strictly low rent.
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room for rent

n. a person who acts very stupid. (Also a term of address. This implies that one’s head is so empty of brains that the space could be rented out.) My brother is a room for rent if I ever saw one. What a dope!
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for rent

Available for use or service in return for payment.
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The passive activity loss rules contain special provisions that apply when a member rents property to an LLC for use in a trade or business in which the member materially participates (the self-charged rent rules).
And, as mandated by federal law, the CHA will be charging every public housing family 30 percent of its annual income or a flat rent based on market conditions--whichever is less.
Rent board member Thomas Lacey voted against the increase.
If a section 467 rental agreement has increasing or decreasing rents, the amount of rent and interest to be taken into account by the lessor and the lessee must be determined.
Any of these arrangements (a rent-reduction or a rent-free period or a graduated rent payment), however, may be subject to the deferred rent agreement rules of IRC section 467.
20) The landlord had the right to the rent and to the legal title to take back the land after the lease expired.
If anything, the end of rent control promises to produce dividends for local treasuries and new housing for tenants.
Since Rent has no real equivalent among recent musicals, it's hard to predict how regional audiences will respond.
Danielson, vice president, Finance and chief financial officer of Aaron Rents, 404-231-0011/
Madison countered that it was not required to take action against Bentley because the very purpose of the guaranty was to provide assurance that any rent due would ultimately be paid.
More and more, evictions are being aimed at the long-term, low-income tenants who receive the greatest benefit from rent stabilization,'' said Larry Gross, executive director for the Coalition for Economic Survival, a tenants rights organization.
H contends that he prepaid rent in 1992 to induce the landlord to agree to a below-market lease rate and to require no personal guaranty in his next lease.
There will be rent increases," Santa Monica Rent Board member Lisa Monk Borrino told the Los Angeles Times a few days after the quake.
Rent is deferred for more than one year and is stated as being allocable to a specific calendar year.
The Broyhill contracts will be assigned to Aaron Rents stores in these two cities.