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renounce for (something)

1. To disown, refuse to deal with, or disclaim association with someone or some place as a result of something or another person. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." I know it goes against your moral convictions, but I would think long and hard before renouncing your son for his decision. He claims he is renouncing his country for its participation in the war.
2. To formally or officially give up claim, title, right, etc., for a particular purpose or reason. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." He renounced his claim to the throne for a chance to lead a free, unencumbered life. Don't be so quick to renounce your citizenship for short-term tax benefits.
3. To give up some habit, activity, or practice for a particular purpose, reason, or occasion. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." I'm planning on renouncing cigarettes for Lent, and I'm hoping I'll be able to stay off them for good after that. My brother renounced eating meat for health reasons as well as ethical ones.
4. To declare one's rejection of some belief, ideology, position, etc., in favor of something else. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." My brother renounced Christianity for Judaism when he was in college. The small nation renounced capitalism for socialism in the late 1970s.
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renounce someone for something

to repudiate someone for doing something. She renounced her brother for his political orientation. Jane was renounced for her illegal activities.
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Last November, Kuwaiti Arabic-language newspaper Al Shahed reported that 28 Kuwaitis with dual nationalities have informed the competent authorities they wanted to renounce their US citizenship -- a move that was linked with their wish to avoid paying taxes according to FATCA.
However, lawyer Rossi explained that people who wish to renounce their US citizenship need to settle outstanding taxes for a certain number of previous years first.
- depositing of requests to renounce quotas for 2008-2009 in two phases.
In the same way that there are steps to take in applying for US citizenship, there are also certain steps one must take to renounce US citizenship.
"Discussions on amendments should be held widely, reflecting the current state of things." The top government spokesman said, however, discussions should not immediately lead to calls for Japan to change Article 9, in which Japan renounces war and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
citizens to renounce his citizenship in 2016, the ( Guardian reported .
In a press statement after the talks, both men said that they were in agreement on the need for "a solid" agreement that would permit Iran to develop a civilian nuclear programme and they also said that the current proposal would need to be firmer relative to controls and time-frames and to be sure Iran will renounce any ideal of developing a nuclear weapon.
Summary: Netanyahu says for peace talks Hamas must recognise Israel or Abbas must renounce Islamist movement.
On the other hand, the possibility for SDSM to renounce the 43 parliamentary mandates by 24 March is not rejected and elections to be held only in places where the MPs who renounced their mandates come from.
Now Marchand faces a terrible choice: As a white man married to a woman of color, he is expected to renounce his wife (or demote her to his mistress), disinherit their children, and make an advantageous marriage to a socially prominent New Orleans heiress.