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renounce for (something)

1. To disown, refuse to deal with, or disclaim association with someone or some place as a result of something or another person. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." I know it goes against your moral convictions, but I would think long and hard before renouncing your son for his decision. He claims he is renouncing his country for its participation in the war.
2. To formally or officially give up claim, title, right, etc., for a particular purpose or reason. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." He renounced his claim to the throne for a chance to lead a free, unencumbered life. Don't be so quick to renounce your citizenship for short-term tax benefits.
3. To give up some habit, activity, or practice for a particular purpose, reason, or occasion. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." I'm planning on renouncing cigarettes for Lent, and I'm hoping I'll be able to stay off them for good after that. My brother renounced eating meat for health reasons as well as ethical ones.
4. To declare one's rejection of some belief, ideology, position, etc., in favor of something else. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." My brother renounced Christianity for Judaism when he was in college. The small nation renounced capitalism for socialism in the late 1970s.
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renounce someone for something

to repudiate someone for doing something. She renounced her brother for his political orientation. Jane was renounced for her illegal activities.
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Domains and Category N (1) Individual Individual traits and 75 characteristics Time for self 12 Personal and Individual 8 Renouncement's Relationship Mutual emotional support 16 Family and work 20 articulation Familial Promoting family well-being 85 Management and division of 56 family work Communication 18 Work- Family interaction Role Segmentation 36 Role hierarchy 14 Family-work engagement 11 Professional Schedule flexibility 60 Professional management 32 Supports and Resources Familial and/ or social 65 Institutional 63 New technologies 2 Work 4 Planning Daily life planning 98 Geography Geographic location 21 (1) N refers to the number of strategies coded in each category.
I was moved by the chapter titled "The Father's Heart" filled with an important discussion on prayer, model prayers of confession, renouncement, repentance, for pastors and leaders, and for unity within the church.
Despite its renouncement of war, Aquino said the Philippines should be prepared for any military engagement, and therefore plans to grant its allies the United States and Japan greater access to Philippine military facilities in the future.
Sources in the Obama administration said a Taliban "office" to be opened in the Qatari capital of Doha was the first step toward the ultimate US-Afghan goal of a full Taliban renouncement of links with al Qaida.
Sources in the Obama administration yesterday said a Taliban office, to be opened in the Qatari capital of Doha, was the first step toward the ultimate US-Afghan goal of a full Taliban renouncement of links with al Qaida.
Senior Obama administration officials, who did not want to be named, described the Taliban's move to open the office as a stepping stone to full Taliban renouncement of al Qaida.
It has to be a calm and tired act of renouncement, like closing the book, a private act that is part of the rhythm of life, the last stroke." (CPM: 395)
Caufield's emphasis on the philosophy of pessimism and the key concepts of "conduct" and "renouncement" in Arnold's work helps the reader to better understand important issues related to intuition, subjectivity, "human nature," and moral judgment, and he expresses a new appreciation for Arnold's religious essays, largely ignored by critics today.
The Pope announced his renouncement from the office of the Bishop of Rome on February 11.
Former diplomat Denko Maleski said that following the local elections, the renouncement of the opposition's MPs will ensue and the crisis will spread on a local level which leaves room for major insecurity.
Moreover, the author argues, this change is a regression, an abandonment, a "renouncement."
Although strict guidelines and regulations per se will not prevent sub-standard ethical review, the FDA's renouncement of the DoH may have long-term practical implications, and could encourage pharmaceutical companies to take ethical short cuts in developing and emerging countries.
In this respect, Nosferatu already anticipates Murnau's programmatic renouncement of traditional intertitles that disrupt the story.
Mecca Document urges a stance alongside with the Syrian people and renouncement of violence.
The advisor failed to produce his documents declaring the renouncement of his British nationality in the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday.