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renounce for (something)

1. To disown, refuse to deal with, or disclaim association with someone or some place as a result of something or another person. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." I know it goes against your moral convictions, but I would think long and hard before renouncing your son for his decision. He claims he is renouncing his country for its participation in the war.
2. To formally or officially give up claim, title, right, etc., for a particular purpose or reason. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." He renounced his claim to the throne for a chance to lead a free, unencumbered life. Don't be so quick to renounce your citizenship for short-term tax benefits.
3. To give up some habit, activity, or practice for a particular purpose, reason, or occasion. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." I'm planning on renouncing cigarettes for Lent, and I'm hoping I'll be able to stay off them for good after that. My brother renounced eating meat for health reasons as well as ethical ones.
4. To declare one's rejection of some belief, ideology, position, etc., in favor of something else. A noun or pronoun is used between "renounce" and "for." My brother renounced Christianity for Judaism when he was in college. The small nation renounced capitalism for socialism in the late 1970s.
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renounce someone for something

to repudiate someone for doing something. She renounced her brother for his political orientation. Jane was renounced for her illegal activities.
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The outlet further reported that Gull's application to renounce British nationality had been received which was under process.
According to a report by AFP Monday night, the PLO's 121-member Central Committee adopted a resolution calling on the PA to renounce the 1993 Letters of Mutual Recognition exchanged between Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO chief Yasir Arafat.
Continue reading "Jonathan Pollard Expresses Desire to Reside in Israel, Renounce American Citizenship" at.
However, lawyer Rossi explained that people who wish to renounce their US citizenship need to settle outstanding taxes for a certain number of previous years first.
Others cited the Israeli passport law, which requires them to enter and depart Israel on their Israeli passports even if carrying a second passport, as another reason for wanting to renounce their citizenship.
Benn was already MP for Bristol South East when he succeeded to the title in 1960 and had to fight for more than two years to renounce his peerage and keep his Commons seat.
MANAMA: A Bahraini with dual nationality will have to either renounce his second passport or apply to the Interior Minister, within six months, for permission to keep the second nationality, according to a new law on nationality ratified by His Majesty King Hamad yesterday.
This would also apply to those who renounce living in Bahrain within five years without permission from the Interior Minister or a valid cause - except citizens who hold the nationality of any other GCC member state.
Ms Ibrahim was raised a Christian by her mother and has refused to renounce the faith.
THE world has been shaken by the news a Sudanese woman who refuses to renounce her Christian faith now faces the hangman's noose.
THE world has been shaken by the news that a Sudanese woman who refuses to renounce her Christian faith faces the hangman's noose.
Summary: Netanyahu says for peace talks Hamas must recognise Israel or Abbas must renounce Islamist movement.
The laws in Germany, Denmark and other countries do not allow dual citizenship and therefore Macedonians find it easier to renounce the Macedonian citizenship.
Najaf / NINA / Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu confirmed, after his meeting in Najaf with Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, that Sistani has told him a message to the region's politicians - in the Middle East - the need to work to renounce violence and extremism and be unity .
The twenty-one Armored Brigade of the Nigerian Army has pledged to provide a safe passage for insurgents intending to renounce their membership of the Yusufiyya sect popularly known as Boko Haram.